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You are using an outdated browser For a better experience using this site, please upgrade to a modern web browser. Quick-Crate's reusable shipping system is a durable, cost-saving alternative to traditional one-way containers. Quick-Crates Economy system offers a cost effective alternate to the returnable system. Also, my crate, that was at first ripped away from me, but then returned to me because of several awesome ladies at work, is already reaping my planting efforts. Tags: friends, shipping crate, workPosted on UncategorizedComments Off on I Got Da Crate!!! The company that I work for just bought a professional scanner because, well we scan big documents. Everything was great and I was to bring it home on Thursday until I went on break and saw a sign on the door. There was even talk of having everyone write an essay on what they plan to do with The Crate. Tags: Corvette, shipping crate, workPosted on this and thatComments Off on Give Me Back My Crate!

Twitter Moms: The Influential Moms NetworkGet the TwitterMoms Blog Network widget and many other great free widgets at Widgetbox! Built to your specifications, Quick-Crates can be manufactured for virtually any size or shape product. The all-plywood construction allows for many return cycles as well as makes them fully ISPM-15 export compliant. With similar strength characteristics to the reusable system, Economy Quick-Crates usually cost around 30% less and are still fully ISPM-15 export compliant. I wanted an early start since I live in the Desert Southwest and it usually gets hot here early in the spring.
As I wrote earlier, I asked for and received a shipping crate that I wanted to turn into a planter, just to have it ripped away from me to be auctioned off by my company. I refused to participate because hey, it was given to me in the first place, and I knew the auction would probably get ugly and it was a matter of principal.
This weekend I will be visiting our local home improvement store and buying some mulch and corn seeds.
At Quick-Crate®, you supply the criteria and we'll deliver the solution - no matter the industry.

Then with our hours cut at work, we were not able to financially do anything with the yard. They are also auctioning a few other items such as an old Emac and computer memory cards and, BTW the money from all this will go to buy us cake on the first of the month to celebrate birthdays in that month which BTW again, we all hate because they sing Happy Birthday to us and completely embarrass us! You, Corvette, just take care of the weeds and me, juliannah will grow the veggies, thank you very much! I can not see paying some crazy amount of money for something Corvette can build easily and rather inexpensively. My friends, who have my back L, D, and G, they banded together and chipped in and did not give up until they won the crate!
He says people are fighting over it and this is the best way and get this no one else asked for it. My main concern was my garden would not thrive, but as you will see with the pics, it is doing very well.

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