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Refrigerated shipping containers are the perfect solution for any goods requiring storage or transportation under regulated temperature and humidity conditions. Premier Shipping Containers stocks both new and used refrigerated shipping containers for sale at our Narangba container depot. Refrigerated shipping containers are high value specialised items, and as such we do not hold inventory in all Australian locations at all times. Note: Measurements can vary and therefore the below information should only be used as a guide. Container Co Shipping Containers Perth have a large range of container products to support Perth and other surrounding remote Australian locations.
Container Co have a large selection of container products such as storage containers, high cube containers, open top containers, flat rack containers, refrigerated containers, and insulated containers. Unlike conventional living containers currently on the market, our units are purpose built for human habitation and are NOT old modified shipping containers.
The following description refers to the specification and furnishing of standard Module-Containers. Differing sizes of space can be achieved by removing the outer wall panels and installation of partitions. Fitting: The four corner posts are fitted with the base frame and the roof frame with screws. All steel profiles are fully abrasive shot blasted and coated with primer prior to assemble. Any individual Module-Container should always be mounted on either wooden or concrete foundation bearers (x6). Four Module-Container units can be stacked (as flat pack) as an ISO 20’ container for easy transportation. Vidmar storage cabinets are often used in maintenance areas or tool rooms to easily store and organize parts.
Of course for businesses needing to store oversized parts, many of our customers have adapted configurations that include both drawer cabinets and shelves. Not only can Vidmar cabinet colors help achieve the look you want, but by placing doors on overhead storage, you can create a cleaner and more secure look. For smaller facilities that need large amounts of storage, a taller cabinet that uses vertical space works. Plus, with each dealership using it’s own system for storing parts, the ability to choose drawer sizes and divider configurations helps keep both small and large parts systematized.
For many auto dealerships, the sheer number of parts needed to store grows every day, making inventory difficult to keep up with. Along with behind the scenes parts storage, Vidmar cabinets can be used on showroom floors, allowing employees to quickly find what they need. And of course, Vidmar mobile cabinets are perfect for military facilities like airplane hangars or garages where large pieces of equipment are stored and maintained. Each of our cabinets can be custom-configured to fit your facility and meet your storage needs.

Drawer cabinets are perfect for parts rooms in agricultural or heavy equipment facilities where a large number of small parts and tools need to be easily accessible. Drawer labels help identify where parts and tools are located and our roll out drawers, holding up to 400 lbs., are perfect for storing lathes and other tool components.
Drawer cabinets can also be equipped with our custom-configured drawer organizers, including custom size bins for a variety of parts. Our plastic bins are available in different sizes, allowing for easy O-ring storage at agricultural facilities and dealerships.
Pass-through overhead cabinets are also an option and perfect for parts rooms where items often span the depth of multiple cabinets.
If you're looking for a holiday home with a difference then you might like to think about recycled shipping containers - made from one of the strongest steels in the world and are resistant to atmospheric corrosion, can withstand harsh conditions. You can tow it behind back of a four wheel drive and see the countryside or relocate it to your block of land out in your favourite part of the world. Shipping containers are eco-friendly and energy saving and by turning a shipping container into a holiday home you will be contributing to the green revolution.
With a little imagination you can transform a used shipping container into just about anything at a lower cost and with a quicker construction time than conventional building methods.
Made from Corten steel, shipping containers make the ideal option for your mobile home as Corten steel is 40% stronger than regular steel so once you have your new holiday home decked-out on the inside you can put a deck or maybe a garden on top without fear of it collapsing. All Decked OutAll decked out by the sea, in the country and in the suburbs - anywhere you can think of! The shipping container cabin below is located on an Army Base in Sri Lanka and was built for a Lieutenant Colonel. The cosy retreat below has a small sink and shower from which the grey water is recycled to water the garden on top of the shipping container. Because of their solid steel structure shipping containers can be securely locked up and left for periods of time - lock and leave security. Talk to them today on 1800 601 194 or get an online quote for your shipping container holiday home. Our containers are built tough to withstand Australias sometimes harsh conditions, so you know our containers will last. We also sell specialised containers such as accommodation containers, site office containers, dangerous goods containers and customised containers to your specifications. The Module-Container can also be delivered in dimensions which meet individual requirements to make best use of intended space. Our cabinets can be custom-configured to include both drawer cabinets and overhead storage cabinets, saving space both vertically & horizontally. Our roll-out shelves are great for bulk storage and help organize items that won’t fit in drawers. A car dealership is using open overhead storage cabinets to store parts that need to be visible.
Along with solid color options, we also offer two-tone options to achieve the look you want.

Vidmar roll out shelves have a capacity of 400 pounds, allowing you to store heavy parts in an easy to locate area.
Vidmar cabinets can be configured with different heights, widths, drawers, and colors, making them a great addition to any existing auto shop.
Large drawer capacities and overhead cabinets keep parts organized, employees more efficient, and dealerships more successful. Whether you are looking for side-by-side cabinets, large drawers or small drawers, or a racking system for your large parts, Vidmar can help. Each of our drawer and overhead cabinets can be custom-configured by height, width, drawer size, and more. Shipping containers are modular and can be combined to make a larger dwelling so you can take your friends and family along on the holiday! It is important to distribute the weight evenly on the top as it is the four corner posts that support your shipping container. They are also leak-proof and can withstand strong winds - after all they’ve survived many months at sea! Simply open it up on the good days to let the sunshine and fresh air in or seal it up on those not so good days and keep out the wind and rain.
We are an Australian company with 20 years combined experience in the shipping container industry. If your in the market for practical storage solution, we have the best containers Perth has to offer. With the amount of storage available this cabinet configuration offers, it’s common to see it used for parts and tool storage. The same agricultural facility using overhead storage cabinets is also using stacked drawer cabinets. Our cabinet drawers also come with labels, making it easy for you to find the tools and parts you are looking for. Shipping containers come in standard sizes and are designed to interlock with each other which simplifies design ideas and makes transportation easy.
Here you get the most cost effective and efficient shipping container holiday home solutions available to make your dream holiday home a reality!
So give us a call to discuss your container needs and one of our friendly shipping container staff will provide you an obligation free quote.
Each cabinet uses different drawer configurations to store parts of different sizes and shapes.

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