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Solve your storage space needs without the additional building costs of permanent structures or storage! We pride ourselves on supplying the highest quality product in the industry at an incomparable price point. For our unbeatable competitive pricing on a new shipping container, used shipping container, chassis or modification project please fill out our RFQ (Request for Quotation) and a quote will be sent immediately (next business day), or call 1-866-237-6302 and one of our skilled sales representatives will be happy to answer any questions you may have and fulfill your order. Headquarted at The Port of Tacoma, Premier Storage Solutions is ideally located to facilitate all you container needs.

IPME supplies new shipping containers and used shipping containers for your short or long-term storage solutions.
We supply and deliver 20’ shipping containers, 40’ shipping containers, 45’ shipping containers, 53’ shipping containers as well as refrigerated shipping containers and chassis’ to both the national and international marketplace. IPME will gratefully supply you with the ideal solution for your retail, commercial or construction storage needs as well as modified container build outs. Modifications can enhance the utility of containers, and provide a variety of solutions for many unique applications.

Use your shipping containers for anything from conventional commercial storage to unconventional modified container architecture such as businesses, homes and display booths.
In addition to our large container inventory, we stock a vast selection of container accessories to maximize the ultimate utility of your container and keep your valuables securely stored.

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