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We Sell, Hire and Modify shipping containers and we can also arrange your shipping container delivery. Feel free to contact Port Container Services now by phone or fill out an instant quote form, and a member of the team will help you with any of your shipping container enquiries. Port Container Services offer premium shipping containers for sale and hire that can be delivered directly to your door, anywhere in Australia. If you would like a quote on any of our products then fill in our easy to use quote form below to receive our product list and price guide. We can also create a customised shipping container that are built to add functionality to your standard general purpose container. Port Shipping Containers Sydney have 10', 20' and 40' shipping container sizes in stock ready for delivery. Our 20' side opening shipping containers are able to store your wide awkward cargo by loading it through the side doors with a forklift . Port Shipping Containers Sydney provide refrigerated shipping containers to the Hunter Region.
Port Shipping Containers Sydney supply and deliver insulated shipping containers in the Sydney area. Port Shipping Containers Sydney custom design and construct accommodation units made from shipping containers.
Port Shipping Containers Sydney specialise in the construction of purpose built office units. Port Shipping Containers Sydney have a wide range of dangerous goods shipping containers which are used to store or transport hazardous materials. Port Shipping Containers Sydney construct mobile workshops from shipping containers and can be built out to your specifications. Port Shipping Containers Sydney have a range of pre-designed ablution blocks ideal for any construction site or public event where hygenic amenities are needed.
Our lunch room containers are perfect for any worksite that needs an area for it's staff to prepare there meals onsite. These beautiful, wacky, and unique living structures are a testament to human creativity and ingenuity. From a home with an airplane on top to an innovative sundial home that heats itself, these are 18 of the most interesting houses on the planet.
First shipping containers transported goods on a ship, then they turned into bars and arts venues and now, well, you can live in one.
Thousands of shipping containers are cluttering Australia’s ports – with conversions an environmentally-friendly way to re-use them as a potentially cheaper alternative to traditional housing. The process can be cheaper than building a house from scratch, and is as versatile design-wise as your imagination can go. So don’t automatically think dull grey or white boxes: There’s more to container living for people looking for an affordable way into the housing market. The norm, however, is the backyard granny flat or temporary industry housing, with a more recent expansion into bigger houses, particularly in rural areas. Sydney-based Container Build Australia CEO Jamie Van Tongeren says the company last year started building three- to five-bedroom homes.
He says Container Build Australia’s homes cost $700 per square metre, no matter the location, compared to construction costs of up to $3000 per square metre in some cities.
Both Fulton + Saloman and Container Build Australia take care of local government planning approval, which – despite initial client concern – they say has not been an issue.
Container Build Australia manufactures its homes in Australia, while the others manufacture in China and import the container homes, which are then delivered to your address and finished. Fulton + Salomon’s Ms Kerkering says an even more affordable option for a young couple is to buy the plans and build it themselves. Container Build Australia’s Mr Van Tongeren says all sorts of people are interested, including local and international clients, as the homes are cheaper and quicker to build. Approximately 20 per cent of his business comes from first-home buyers and he says it’s a great way to get into the housing market.

Container Homes Designer Domain CEO Samuel Halsa says his clients want houses in a range of locations.
Container Build Australia’s Mr Van Tongeren says the company has had a tenfold increase in business over the past year with “a big future” for this type of development. The company has built mobile coffee shops for Brisbane, a smoking room for an oil rig in Karratha and recently a sound-proof music recording studio. At Fulton + Salomon, Ms Kerkering has plans for a budget retirement village with both traditional and shipping container housing. She says containers are also appropriate for affordable student housing and sees it as part of the future of that industry. Receive the latest breaking news across sport, money, life and entertainment, delivered every weekday and Saturday. Quite unlike standard party tents, this shipping container pop-up party venue container is fast, strong and lasts really long (great for multiple rentals).
This shipping container pop-up party venue provides seating for almost 30 party goers, a full bar, solar powered plug-ins for a TV, fridge, karaoke, lava lamps, whatever…  The container walls also fold down to create a covered 500 square-foot bamboo floor. Unlike shipping container pop-up party venue, party tents are well known for getting shredded in a season or two, and they can be tough to set up on hard surfaces. Secondly, it’s cheaper to rent, lasts longer, is more durable, has safety facilities for all parties. Get updated when we add new content by leaving your details below,We promise to only ever send you emails directly relating to Shipping Container Homes. We have a large range of shipping containers available from a number of Shipping Container Depots all over Australia. Our shipping containers are ideal to use for storage, and we can even modify your shipping container so they can be used for a workshops, site office or even an accommodation unit. Our shipping container depots located across the country hold new and used stock, chances are there's one near you. Our shipping containers come standard with timber floors, double swing doors that open to 270 degrees, and are built out of tough structural steel. You may like to know we also hire shipping containers to the city of Sydney and it's surrounding suburbs. Our experienced technicians can design and construct a solution to your specific requirements.
Our shipping containers come standard with timber flooring and double swing doors that can be opened out to 270 degrees.
High cube shipping containers are perfect for storing bulky cargo as they are designed to give you an extra foot of height compared to your standard general purpose shipping container. The complete side wall is replaced with bi-fold side opening doors that can be secured with padlocks for security.
Our refrigerated shipping containers are ideal for the transport and storage of volume goods and perishable cargo such as fruit, vegetables and meat products etc. Insulated shipping containers are used to transport or store cargo at a constant temperature.
Flat racks are used to transport large cargo that will not fit in your standard general purpose shipping containers or open top shipping containers. Available in a range of sizes including joining kits to increase living space, our accommodation units are built to your specifications, so give us a call today to find out more about our accommodation unit containers. These units are ideal for site offices which are regularly used at construction and building sites.
Our workshop shipping containers come in 3m, 6m and 12m sizes and can be easily transport from site to site.
We can also custom design a layout to your specifications and build it from either a 10', 20' or 40' shipping container. This insulated unit features plenty of seating, kitchenette and air conditioning so your employees are comfortable. Container architecture specialists Fulton + Salomon founder Carla Kerkering says one of their first commissions, an elaborate Tasmanian home using 12 shipping containers, was set to be on Grand Designs.

It’s also a quick fix, with conventional homes taking up to 18 months to build in remote areas. Containers are increasingly used as housing as well as for pop-up ventures like hotels at festivals.
We had to do two weeks’ of research, get new suppliers and it was so successful the Australian Defence Force, which we also work for, are looking at possibly buying a whole bunch now. As of June 2014 it is still not finished and I would caution anyone considering ordering a cabin from Container Build Group to be extremely careful. Possibly your experience may be the exception and not the rule however customer service appears to be lacking which in its self leaves much to be desired. And because of its designs and uniqueness, it’s a great way to green your summer party events.
And if you choose to build yours, you can get a custom made shipping container pop-up party venue design. We can also fit our shipping containers with high quality security lock boxes at your request. From as little as $2.50, we can delivery one of our 20' shipping containers for eith long or short term storage. Our shipping containers are vermin proof and can be fitted with a lock box for extra peace of mind. These shipping containers have a weather proof tarpaulin roof that can be removed to load the container from the top with a crane etc. We can build these offices to your specifications that could include retractable air-conditioning, lockable store room, side personnel door with heavy duty lock, windows with heavy duty security shutters, insulated roof, power, phone and data. Featuring a bunded floor for waste and spillage, valve tap, custom vents, whirlybirds and and all approriate signage. Our ablution units can be attached directly to your sewage outlet or can be fitted with a bunded sump for sewage collection. Overall the build quality is poor, I have had to spend several thousand dollars fixing issues that should have been dealt with by the builder and so far their approach has been to deny any responsibility.
Our shipping container hire options are competitive, we're sure to have the solution for you or your business.
Not only do you have the option to buy our premium shipping containers outright, but we also have a shipping container hire option for long and short term storage uses. We also offer no lock in contracts so you can hire a shipping container for as long or as little as you need. For more information on our modified container range, simply select a product from the instant quote form and submit your details and we will email our brochure and price guide. These issues include; a window leak that left puddles of water in my cabin, having the door built the wrong way round and issues with the double glazed windows mentioned here, one of which was so badly sealed that it now has an ants’ nest in it!
This innovative shipping container pop-up party venue takes about 20-30 minutes to set up but creates a classy place to enjoy a party. We have a variety of shipping containers in stock at different sizes, or we can customise our shipping containers to suit your requirements. We also have 40' containers available, so feel free to give us a call to secure your container today. Contrary to what Mr Van Tongeren claims in this article, the cabin was not sound proofed upon completion of the job, mainly because they refused to provide door seals.
He admitted as much to me in December 2013, having used their potential order as an incentive for me to build mine. They were several other promises that Mr Van Tongeren made before the contract was signed that turned out not to be delivered upon and overall I was left with the feeling that much of what he claimed was inaccurate.

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