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In the past we took a brief look at Containers of Hope during our feature on shipping container homes, but this remarkable project by Benjamin Garcia Saxe Architecture definitely deserves more attention. The structure is composed of two shipping containers that are raised above the ground by some sturdy concrete column foundations which give the dwelling a sense of permanence. Living in a metal and glass house in a tropical climate might sound quite uncomfortable but this shipping container home makes use of a highly effective cross ventilation system which passively cools the house. To continue the thriftily sustainable theme of Containers of Hope, this angled roof section is made up of the metal sheeting that was cut out of the walls of the shipping containers to make space for the windows.

Sure the dollar would go further on a build on Costa Rica, and the family constructed the shipping container as a self-build, but this is even cheaper than the cost of social housing in Costa Rica and I should imagine provides a living environment of a much higher standard.
20ft shipping containers for sale p60,000 each may vary in, 20ft shipping containers for sale p60,000 each may part of the shipping container housing we are please provide current price of a used 1?40 container.. Built on a budget of just $40,000, this creative dwelling allowed the Peralta family to live debt free in their ideal setting: surrounded by fields, their horses, and just 20 minutes from San Jose, Costa Rica. The containers were arranged parallel to one another and then shifted horizontally to form a more dynamic floor plan and maximise the views over the surrounding landscape.

It’s intelligent, well-thought-out design measures such as this that enabled Benjamin Garcia Saxe to design this housing solution with the extraordinarly low budget of $40,000.
40' and 48' containers which could be configured with extra doors, there are 10 container ports in philippines:.

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