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Flat rack shipping containers are designed to be used when cargo needs to be containerised, but is hard to get into conventional containers! Available in 6m and 12m lengths with fixed or collapsible ends, flat rack shipping containers can be used to transport anything from dump trucks to aircraft engines.
Flat Rack shipping containers are extremely specialised, and as such we do not hold inventory in all Australian locations at all times. Note: Measurements can vary and therefore the below information should be used as a guide only.
Brisbane's Eat Street Market at Hamilton Wharf brings together a vibrant mix of international cuisines, home wares and textiles, live music, produce, bars and galleries. Despite the incredible food and the great live music, what really impressed us was the use of over 50 shipping containers in the construction of Eat Street.

Launched in November 2013, Eat Street is Brisbane's only shipping container-based market and is proving to be a massive hit. Strong, robust and versatile, flat rack shipping containers can be used to containerise pretty much anything. We visited the market on Friday night, which was rumoured to be the busiest night yet in Eat Street's short history, and we were amazed by the atmosphere and aromas floating from the mini-restaurants. Most vendors worked out of modified shipping containers fit-out with everything they needed to create their masterpieces.
Port Container Services supplies shipping containers for sale, new and used shipping containers and also shipping container hire throughout all of NSW and most major capital cities around Australia.
The chefs are said to be the 'best of the best' in Brisbane, and our taste buds were delighted by what was on offer.

We also supply specialised shipping container equipment such as Insulated containers, refrigerated containers, flat rack containers, open top containers, high cube containers and brand new  made from shipping containers, all sizes and types are available. They can supply you with a shipping container that meets your needs and speak to you about modifications and refurbishment options. We also have site offices for sale, portable buildings for sale, portable workshops for sale and dangerous goods containers for sale.Click here to read some wonderful Port Testimonials.

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