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I’m glad you gave an honest evaluation of your whole building from concept to finished cabin. In the end, there’s just too many differences between an off-grid cabin and a typical home to make comparisons. As I ponder building a container home, in Albuquerque, I will take so much of your article to heart. Mods International is (or was last summer) selling 40 foot containers (320 square feet) converted to housing for about $32,000 each.
Oil patch crew housing needs to be tougher than standard mobile homes, hence the use of ISOs. Due to the high cost of closed cell spray foam, there will always be the temptation to use something else. I’ve been putting together a design with an intention to use rigid foam board against the metal shell and using a light-duty spray foam tool to seal all four edges. We are going to build a 1100 sq foot guest house using shipping container, so happy to have found this site .
You would need to check the Material Safety Data Sheet of the spray foam you are considering to be sure. All spray foams, open and closed cell, no matter what brand you’re considering, are urethane based foams. As far as formaldehyde goes, it’s not present in spray foam but it is used as a binder in fiberglass batts.
To accommodate my needs with shipping containers, I figure I would need 3 x 40′ containers. There are some relatively easy and cost effective ways to add security to a conventional construction cabin. And simply from a sq ft perspective, one can find used 40 ft high cube containers for not much more than your cost for new 20 ft containers for those that might be considering bigger projects. Also, do you have or remember the actual labor costs for any of the contracted work you had done and if so, could you post it? For siding I assumed LP Smartside (Precision series strand substrate) – this is what I used on my framed cabin walls.
I did include all of the labor costs with my estimates above, but I don’t have a good way to extract all of them. The spray foam IS a huge investment if used in a residence but with the impermeability of the container and the addition of spray foam, I had hoped to keep recurring energy costs to a minimum.
Are you able to maintain a consistent temperature with the combination of foam and your wood stove? As for used containers, you have to be careful when picking them out but in general, if you’re using multiple containers you really only need one with a good undamaged left side and another for the right side or in a worst case simply buy two new ones for the outsides.
I think your idea with the epoxy is probably the best solution short of reflooring everything. I don’t have any problems keeping the temperature stable with my Jotul 602 wood stove, even down to -10F. The other problem with used containers is that many times you cannot get them all from the same manufacturer. I had one question about treatment of the interior – did you have the containers sandblasted or anything to remove any chemicals that may have leached into the paint? I was thinking of other flooring options and considering a concrete skim coat over in-floor electric heating mesh. If I were doing something such as this, I would give some thought to replacing the existing flooring.
I think it is very cool how you continually answer questions and published your website to help others with your container building experience.
I’ve bounced between Airstream mobile trailers and a shipping container cabin home for some time now, wanting to put a get away place on a 150 acre property with a perennial stream outside LA, California. About a week ago, I became convinced after a California Airstream owner said I would not be happy having to constantly make trips to get propane to run the air conditioner under the baking sun and they leak. My first question is do you think a single mini split would help, especially when heating or cooling, when the doors and windows need to be closed.
I like how you left the concrete foundation open and with fire issues in California, I need something that will not burn.
What do you think of the idea of flipping the container where the wooded floor becomes the ceiling, and the roof metal seals the bottom of the open unit? I’ve seen one unit that is 10 feet and I wonder if there is a way to modify your unit so all the utilities and solar instruments go into the 10 foot section, leaving more space for the living area.

I forgot – I brought up the Airstream trailers because they have metal exteriors and they are closed in like the cargo shipping containers, yet there is no problem with condensation and air circulation. In your #2 reply, the phrase to frame the side openings, does this mean to have a four wall foundation?
If you look at the pictures of my cabin you will see that I have two foundation walls, one in front and one in back.
This man (Larry) wanted to build a self-sustained and off-the-grid home out of two shipping containers. He wanted all of the comforts of a home and to be able to live in it comfortably up to a year or more if need be. To do this he ordered two sea containers and welded them together to make one awesome cabin. Water is heated using solar power or by wood stove if necessary. Access to water is by well.
Before they were welded together he chained them and spray foam insulated the space in between them.
Learn more about how he picked the land, got the containers, and how he adjusted them into the right spot here. He decided to cut the openings in arched shapes to retain the strength of the container’s roof and so that it will match the arched windows too.
In total he spent about $35,000 to build it which includes the containers, well, landscaping, plumbing, interior, and the carport. If you enjoyed this shipping container to cabin conversion you’ll love our free daily tiny house newsletter with more!
I have seen this cabin many times before posted online at facebook and other social media sites the last two years or so. I used spray foam on the outside for a sealer and insulator, but you can simply use brush on water sealer just like they use for basement walls. That it was built for only 35k is amazing, and off grid too – yet it is so spacious – like a regular house! He did a great job — I have looked into using containers for a home and think it is a great cost effective idea. Sandi, I am working on some designs like that, When you insulate the insides, you actually will have even less room inside depending on what kind you decide to use. The design you were thinking about living in, was that a 20′ container or a 40′?
If you are at all concerned with the purported coming apocalypse or just in need of a secret hideaway, perhaps a secret underground lair is what you need.
If your interested in a container for a project like this or something similar, contact AZ Containers at 877-292-6937 to see how the most basic steel box to a customized, climate controlled storage or workspace with windows, they’ll have your solution on it’s way to you fast. We aim to provide our customers with a personal, fast and efficient service, which will offer a hassle free solution to any storage problem.
From the most basic steel box to a customized, climate controlled storage or work space with windows, we'll have your solution on its way to you fast.
For me, one of the advantages would be, if you can get some work completed off-site, you might have a temporary habitable space in one end of one of the containers to work from.
We are just beginning the journey and are committed to containers (both for security and because we are building in a hurricane and tornado zone). I liked the aluminum, metal, shinny outer layer and less rules of just using a trailer, but on the flip side, I am concerned with very hot weather in the summer, earthquakes, fire and security. The land can be managed and keep clear around the home, but a lot of fires start from burning ash blowing into roof vents. I’m thinking of using metal framing studs with a metal roof with spray foam insulation. If I wanted to protect my cabin underside from fire, I’d frame the side openings and cover it with sheet metal.
While the side opening containers are nice, and work well with some designs, they do cost considerably more than standard containers. I am wondering if having a single mini-split would help with the circulation since both the cargo shippers and Airstreams are alike, and these are the kind of units they use, except they are on the ceiling of the trailer. If I wanted to protect my cabin underside from fire, I’d frame the side openings and cover it with sheet metal. Larry was able to adjust them to the right spot (on his piers) with the help of the driver, his compact tractor, an old floor jack, and a 4 ton power-puller. He has a passion for exploring and sharing tiny homes (from yurts and RVs to tiny cabins and cottages) and inspiring simple living stories.

No windows and it is a sea container made into a home so that this particular part of the “pantry” is built underground and made of steel so very strong, long lasting. To each his own and I am happy to see someone get the home of their dreams even if it’s not to my taste. If I could overcome that, I’d like to try something like that, to keep stationary during a tornado, and to help keep stable temperatures inside. Although at first it may seem like a daunting task, it may be easier than you think to make your own underground secret shelter.
Cut a 40 inch diameter hole through the top of your container at the location you choose for the entrance. Select and mount a door to cover the opening to your secret underground shelter, which should also incorporate a rope ladder to allow safe access into the shelter. More importantly, there are no hidden costs when purchasing  or leasing storage containers from us. You always hear about how cheap i bought this or that but then you also hear about all of new and extra cost’s .
I have wondered about the true cost of using shipping containers to build a home so it’s really interesting to read your post. You could also use one of the containers as a secure workshop, tool shed and material storage area while you complete the build.
The wood floor could actually be removed and just fill in like a normal home with a plywood floor. Removing a wall is also not that difficult, and you then have the advantage of some extra metal to play with.
We invite you to send in your story and tiny home photos too so we can re-share and inspire others towards a simple life too.
Too many designs out there waste space, but this one is perfect and not only that, it doesn’t seem cramped at all like many other shipping container homes. It is kind of a Ford blue, with a white top, and a light grey interrior, but is hot as Hell on mild days. Once constructed, don’t forget to stock it with all the amenities you would like as well as the creature comforts to which you have become accustomed. This should be at least 9 feet wide and deep, and a few feet longer than the length of your chosen container. It would be advisable to weld or otherwise permanently seal the doors on the end on the container to prevent moisture from entering the container. Using a large angle grinder mark and remove this circle to allow access to the container from above.
Secure in place to the surface of the shipping container with concrete, sealing the drainage pipe and shipping container together. You will need to dispose of the remaining earth excavated from the hole the container now occupies. Furnish the shelter with objects required to make your stay in the shelter more comfortable. You can make a cheap cabin out of one and be primitive but is that what one really desires in one of these cabins or homes?
I love closed cell spray foam, but it is very flammable so I am concern with a fire attacking from underneath. I believe a metal carport roof a couple of feet above, would help with that problem for my situation. What you have with the round top windows and inside paneling looks cute, and should appeal to the Mrs. They are very sturdily built and can be placed underground, just below the surface with little preparation.
These should include food and water, as well as basic plumbing to allow for hygiene requirements to be met.
Personally, I consider brick to be a more fair comparison for it’s durability and strength instead of wood, vinyl, or hardiboard.
When you created the framing walls in the front, where the windows and doors are, I can see you nailed the bottom of the framing to the wall, but how did you attach the wood 2×4 framing to the ceiling, etc.

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