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The International Festival for Business is a 50-day business festival which was hosted in Liverpool during June and July.
Our largest rental job to date was installed in Liverpool’s Williamson square at the end of November for a 6 week period as the first EVER shipping container Urban Winter Village.
WhiteCircle very recently produced a new WhiteCrate 20ft for Ministry of Sound club in London. Tony’s Farm is the biggest organic farm in Shanghai, and now it has an equally sustainable visitor center built from 78 recycled shipping containers. MediaCityUK have recently been looking to build a brand new pop-up bar named the Dock Bar, situated on the vast Piazza area outside the big screen and flanked by the metrolink tram stop, BBC sport, Cbeebies and The Studios.
WhiteCrate have excitingly been chosen to build this brilliant pop-up structure out of our whitecrate!
The Manifesto house represents the Infiniski concept and its potential: bioclimatic design, recycled, reused materials, non polluting constructive systems, integration of renewable energy. I also had to take three days away from the job to install a new well pump at the house that we rent. I tried, but I’m not a pump guy, so early on day two I called Hector, a plumber from town.
I headed down the mountain to the pool and well supply store in Coronado, I told my tale of woe and intrigue and showed them the foot valve that I had brought with me. And because the foot valve is matched to the pump, the still-working pump was now unusable.
So after eight hours in the store, I left loaded down with the same system that I installed at our new house.
Cynthia and I lowered the motor into the 4-inch well pipe, followed by the 100-feet of pipe, the wire, and the rope. You can buy a sanitary cap for the top of the pipe to keep possums and insects out of the well. I rechecked all the wiring, and even though I am not superstitious, for the drama of it I crossed my fingers, and flipped the breaker.
This entry was posted in Shipping Container House, shipping container house blog and tagged container houses, diy install well pump, Living in Panama, shipping container house blog, shipping container house panama by Fred at Shipping Container House in Panama. The shiny new pump and pristine white piping might be other good indications of your hard efforts!
As a retired architect now living in Coronado, I would be interested in your 25 cent tour of the container house. Mijn naam is Ivar Visser en ik heb kort geleden mijn diploma Mediatechnologie aan het Grafisch Lyceum in utrecht behaald.
Als webdeveloper houd ik me voornamelijk bezig met het ontwikkelen van een website, het design van een website hoort hier eigelijk niet bij. Get this best pictures shipping container house plans designs architectures for free in Good resolution.
Airbnb is a startup, allowing individual homeowners to offer their own spots to rent by the night, and to connect with prospective guests online. Shipping container homes come in all shapes and sizes, considering the fact that they make use of boxes of standardized dimensions. Amenities include a full kitchen and a washer and dyer and is about 10 minutes away from the airport in the middle of the action in the center city. It is a global showcase for great British industry across multiple sectors, and  champions UK businesses to new markets, new products and new partners. A total of 14 WhiteCrate structures were dropped in early one morning and over two days we created the winter village. As you may already know, we built the pop-up WhiteCrate DockBar in the summer to cater for all of the tenants and visitors during the Olympics and provide some drinks at the BBC summer events. Designed by Playze, Tony’s Farm welcome center is meant to help connect the consumer to the farming and production of their food, while encouraging a more sustainable lifestyle.

Our container conversion will be made up of two 20ft containers and will host a lovely covered outdoor seating area for those sunny (and not so sunny) days.
The project relies on a bioclimatic architecture adapting the form and positioning of the house to its energetic needs.
The gardener at the last house that we rented told me to always check for snakes before I enter the structure. Three people retreated to the office with the foot valve and pulled out many reference books. At about 90-feet I tied the rope to one of the roof rafters, thereby suspending the pump off the bottom of the well. Still no Hector, I went to the new house, made a diagram of how I had wired the control boxes to the breaker panel, returned to the pump house and proceeded to wire the system.
I couldn’t find one so I took a regular four-inch PVC pipe cap and drilled holes in it. It was time to flip the breaker, a nerve-wracking proposition because if I wired anything incorrectly I could fry the pump or one of the control panels, and that would be on my dime. Our goal here is too illustrate the many container projects both big and small that are taking place around the world. Hierbij moet je denken aan alle functionaliteiten op de website, de vindbaarheid van de website in bijv.
These types of dwellings have become a trend as of late, with some used for more permanent residences.
The containers can link together to form an apartment, housing three people even though it only has one bedroom and one bath. The bar is due to go in during the next two weeks… check back here for the Dock Bar VIP launch details! The project is based on a prefabricated and modular design allowing a cheaper and faster constructive method. We finally came to the conclusion that there was a conflict in the WordPress software that I use to write this blog. We pulled the pipes again, no small task because the pipes were filled with water and were very heavy. I speak almost enough Spanish and Carmen speaks some English, but I knew this would be a tough go because she doesn’t like to spend money on the property. This rental option is a reused shipping container that is definitely not your boring bed and breakfast getaway. The converted 20ft open side container was located at Canning Dock and provided information packs and registration for each visitor. Energy-efficient design was a high priority and includes a high performance envelope, efficient systems and lighting. This modular system also allows thinking the coherence of the house with possible future modifications or enlargements in order to adapt easily to the evolving needs of the client.
I Googled and figured that water was leaking out the bottom of one of the two pipes that go 90-feet down into the well. They called again and again, and kept checking the books for the part number stamped on the foot valve.
The manager called Carmen and led her through the story, three times as is customary in Panama, gave her the price, and told her that I would do the labor at no charge, saving her many hundreds of dollars.
I gutted the old system from the pump house, mounted the control boxes on the wall, drove into town and bought a hundred feet of new pipe and fittings and 100-feet of polypropylene rope. But I’m afraid finding the next tenant will have to be up to her as we are barely tolerating the condition of this place. Als systeembeheerder heb je te maken met veel verschillende problemen, dit kan varieren tot het oplossen van een klein mail probleem tot het repareren van een RAID 10 left-hand storage server.
Some even prefer to rent the containers and have them delivered, in this way they can afford a house without actually buying.

So I have disabled most of the plugins and will be adding them back in one at a time to see which one I am allergic to. I removed  the pump house roof so that I could pull the pipes up and out of the well, then pulled the pipes. Several calls later, as Carmen needed to consult with family, she gave her blessing to the project. And industry storage, shipping for buy on and storage shipping container reduce and conjoining locks, 53ft for 585-1500 Trailers. I replaced the suspicious-looking check valve at the bottom of the larger pipe and replaced the pipes down into the well. He diagnosed that the foot valve at the bottom of the pipe (different from the check valve) was shot and needed to be replaced, along with the pressure tank. And the front door no longer opens because the house has settled, crushing the frame down onto the door. Creating storage, intermodal insulating, trailer we house with 1 new trailer powerbrace empty on at more.
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