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Shipping, or ISO, container offices are extremely popular given the many ways they can be used.
Storage container offices are typically used as on-site field offices for contractors, project managers or engineers in major construction or land development projects. While many intermodal freight crate transformations turn steel boxes into comfortable spaces, this project goes a step further both by taking maximum advantage of its material origins while still making the aesthetic result more than the sum of its parts. Repurposed as an office by and for architect Patrick Bradley, this 45-foot cargo container (re)creation makes use of existing openings on either end and requires as few cuts in the surface of the sides as possible (an energy- and cost-efficient approach).
Further, the design leverages the strength of the container to cantilever it out over a steep-sloping cliff already on the site, saving money, time and energy landscaping the lot.
What’s involved in buying, designing and building cargo container homes that are more than just art projects?
Last month we covered 7 Surprising Uses for Shipping Containers which included: Swimming Pools, Hospitals, Schools and Offices to name only a few! The containers have been stacked to allow outdoor meetings areas, which means employees of Tony’s organic food farm can work outside surrounded by nature. If you explore the London Docklands, just outside canarywharf area, you will find shipping container offices of goliath proportion!  Riverside Building Offices are part of the Container City project and were built in 2005.
The structure of the offices is made using 73 shipping containers which were delivered and stacked in place in under 16 days!
Each office has double glazed windows and an external balcony; in addition the office block uses rainwater harvesting technology to reduce its environmental footprint. The exterior of the containers has been left untouched which acts as a nice tribute to what the containers were once used for.
They leased a plot of land in Gifu, Japan and not so long after, they had built their three story office block. Marketing Via Postal Group, Inc, based in Santa Ana, California, had a large unused warehouse and wanted to build smaller offices inside the warehouse.
Instead of using traditional cubicles they opted to convert second hand 20 foot shipping containers.
The containers were purchased for $1,000 each and a further $3,000 was spent fitting them with electricity, heating and air conditioning.

The decided to use two containers in an L-shape which were then cladded using reclaimed redwood. The office uses a water-based radiant heating system which is powered by two solar thermal panels. The office was built by stacking two used 40 foot shipping containers on top of each other. In total the containers provide over 390 square foot of office space, they took around 2 months to build and cost around $125,000.
Cove Park was built by the same company who made the Riverside Building Offices (mentioned in third place). The original park was built in 2002 with only three accommodation units, but in 2006 the park was expanded again to a total of 9 units.
They chose to use the container because Oakland is prone to earthquakes, so using containers would reduce the risk of their office being destroyed in an earthquake. Well there you have it, our 10 top picks for the best shipping container office design, let us know what your favourite is in the comments below!
They are designed to provide the same level of portability and security as typical containers but are modified with features that allows them to act as office space.
Each of these openings is in turn taken advantage of, in one case to create an entry sequence and, at the other end, to facilitate a lovely little balcony extension. Today we are going to continue with this theme and show you the Top 10 Shipping Container Offices.
The original concept was produced by the design company Playze who thought up to use more than 20 shipping containers to create the coolest office we’ve seen in a long time! The outdoor space is hardly need though as the containers provide  1,060 square meters of office space. Joe Haskett from Distill Studio led the design of the office block which would be made using 32 shipping containers. So, what better way for them to show the versatility of shipping containers than to build their own office out of them?
Back in 2012 they were having difficulties finding a suitable office block so they decided to build their own using shipping containers.

This means the containers are held together using the steel grid without needing foundation. Not only that but MVP are saving around $3,000 per month on energy costs because they no longer have to heat the entire warehouse.
They quickly outgrew their original office and were looking for a quick way to expand, so they toyed with the idea of a shipping container office. Tomokazu Hayakawa, a Japanese architect led the design of this tiny office located in Torigoe, Tokyo. The base container has been cut in half to create two separate rooms on the ground floor and the second container can be accessed via an external staircase.
It’s a 50 acre retreat based in Scotland made specifically for artists who want to surround themselves with the stunning wildlife there.
Each container has an en-suite and access to a balcony which leads out onto Lake Loch Long! Karl and Cate decided to use a refrigerated shipping container from their local Port (Oakland) as a home office; the re-used 40 foot container only cost $1800! However, we rather like this charming design by Shane Peterson who - using 3D Studio Max 2012, Vray and Photoshop - has turned a standard 20′ steel shipping container into a garden office which could be put together off site and then delivered to a home. It may be less expensive and quicker to achieve a habitable space than standard construction but one should really compare costs of other construction methods. The construction of the office was completed in 2010 and it now provides 12 offices ranging from 640 square foot up to 2,560 square foot. However, 9 of the offices have already been rented so you will need to be quick if you want to rent one of them!
In addition, the office block can be dissembled and moved to another location once their lease has run out!
I was driving down this storage in delray beach fl and the place is like one mammoth shipping container!

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