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Mini Shipping ContainersMini containers are the ideal domestic and industrial storage solution when space is limited. Options: We can also fit shelving, windows, alternative doors, ventilation etc at an additional cost. Next Post Previous Post 20 ways the Shipping Container took over the worldAs we all know, shipping containers are widely used in today’s global age, however, not many people know about their origins and how something as simple as a shipping container could have such a profound impact on the world.
Containerhomeplans, have recently produced an infographic named 20 Ways The Shipping Container Took Over The World, which details exactly how shipping containers have become so popular.

Shipping containers have grown from a point where in 1955, 0% of cargo was shipped in containers to today where 90% of everything you purchase has been transported within a container.
For instance did you know that as you are reading this text over 20 million shipping containers are travelling across the ocean?
Take a look at the infographic below to learn even more interesting facts about these humble containers. And that the United States is the second largest exported of containerized cargo in the world!

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