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Theatre Student, turned Mom, turned Inventor, turned company owner and designer of children's wear.
20ft Side Loading Truck This is our cheapest delivery vehicle for 20ft containers; this truck is only 10m long and will lift up to 8 Tonne. Organized crime bosses, kingpins, oh hey, maybe first time manufacturers struggling to make sense of it all.I was scared to death of importing when I got started. It is nice to know that if the Queen of style gets a little overwhelmed (or atleast did at one time) with importing, then it is ok for the rest of us to feel freaked out!

With this we can handle the simplest of deliveries through to the use of cranes to get them into that tricky place, where you want it!
This service is owned and operated by Jon Dustin (Willie’s father) and comes with personal service making sure the container is placed correctly for the longevity of the container and ease of use for our customer. Logistically it's complicated.Then the goods get off loaded and put on a train and rail across the US to Detroit where they are put on a truck that takes them to the warehouse in MI.
35 minutes from where the goods arrive, it is more cost effective to truck them around, house them and drop ship from the Midwest.But why, you ask?

And they are centrally located so it is cheaper to ship to all places from the middle than to every place from one coast or another.

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