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Homes made from shipping containers are not just well admired because of their designs, they are also becoming popular because they cost considerably less to build. A good example of one the outstanding homes made from shipping containers is the Jones-Glotfelty shipping container home.
To construct the 2 storey home, the shipping containers had to be prefabricated first in Phoenix, before being transported to the site of the building in Flagstaff, Arizona.
The high pitched roof of the home made from shipping containers serves as home for the solar panels and improves the design of the house. The exterior of the home made from shipping containers is coated with a super insulating ceramic painting material to help improve cooling within the home and regulate the temperature.
Accessing the bedrooms and roof decks upstairs is done via the flight of stairs made from steel. Barnabus Kane of TBK Associates designed the snow and rainwater collection and drainage system used to water the landscape surrounding the property. This home made from shipping containers was so revolutionary in its designs and energy efficiency that it won a Sustainable Building Award from the Coconino County Sustainable Building Program for meeting the guidelines of sustainability, minimizing negative ecological and social impact in building design, construction and operations.

The designs can either be as far out or as quirky as you like or as conservative as you want. So, if you’re looking to build a home, an office, a cabin or any structure for that matter quickly and affordably, consider building homes made from shipping containers. Get updated when we add new content by leaving your details below,We promise to only ever send you emails directly relating to Shipping Container Homes.
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The criss-cross designs helps translate into a naturally high atrium space which have windows that can be opened to increase ventilation.

Just a few meters away from the raised deck of the main house lies a 20ft shipping container converted into an artist’s studio. To protect the already insulated windows from direct sunlight and snow, shade boxes were installed. Thanks to innovative architects and designers, the first good thing about homes made from shipping containers is that you can design them in just about any way you like.
You’ll find that on the average, they cost far less than conventional homes and houses. This is not surprising given that they are also easy to construct and take way less time (sometimes, less than 1 month).

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