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CaribBEING is a young hybrid arts organization working to play several roles: a bridge between established institutions and local communities, a developer of public programs that build arts audiences, and an authentic Caribbean brand with a product line and clear lifestyle sensibility. Worrell and I met at the caribBEING house — a shipping container that serves as meeting space, art gallery, and gift shop — which is currently adjacent to Brooklyn’s Flatbush Caton Market and only a few blocks from where Worrell was born. To the task or directing and developing this organization, Worrell brings a number of skills she’s honed over her career in both event management and corporate media, having created strategic partnerships for the History Channel and Google. What makes caribBEING unique is that although it is a nonprofit organization, it also presents itself a lifestyle brand. Hyperallergic welcomes comments and a lively discussion, but comments are moderated after being posted. Hyperallergic is a forum for serious, playful and radical thinking about art in the world today.
Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. The downstairs "guest room" can be partitioned off using a simple clear plastic screen that Boyle rescued from one of his work projects. On the occasion of the group’s official opening earlier this month, I with one of its founders, Shelley Worrell, about how the organization came to be and what they are hoping to accomplish now that they have their own (mobile) home and headquarters.

The organization was started in 2010, when she met caribBEING’s other founder, filmmaker JanLuk Stanislas, who had made a film titled On Lanmen ka Lave Lot (United We Stand) about relief efforts after the 2010 earthquake that severely damaged Haiti.
She was an accomplished manager, having served on Google’s global partnerships team and also developing and launching digital channels.
Since then, caribBEING produced nearly 50 programs in partnership with Brooklyn Museum and a film program at BRIC, and this coming June, coinciding with Caribbean Heritage Month, the organization will co-present its annual Heritage Film Series with both the Brooklyn Museum and the Brooklyn Historical Society. There are a variety of products for sale, including T-shirts, tea towels, mugs, and visual art, both in their “house” and in the Brooklyn Museum gift store.
The Carroll House, designed by cargotecture specialists LOT-EK for a private client, is currently under construction at 2 Monitor Street (which is also in Williamsburg, Brooklyn), and boasts a frame made of 21 stacked steel containers.
Even though slicing all 3 floors of the residence might seem like a waste of usable space, the daring design actually makes the home more livable by opening up the rear of each floor and bringing in light and air – undoubtedly a conscious choice to help minimize the feeling of living in a box. The completed residence will also have a private car garage located slightly below ground level. According to Worrell, the film so powerfully inspired her that she resurrected her own previously failed idea for a film series, subsequently starting the first Caribbean Film Festival in New York.
However, it was her work with organizing film festivals that brought her to the attention of the Queens Museum, which hired caribBEING in 2012 to produce the Carnival Panorama project, a series of displays and programs made in partnership with Harlem’s Studio Museum and El Museo del Barrio, which represented the entire Caribbean region through the lens of carnival.

But the home's biggest surprise - its dramatically sliced profile - is only visible when you view it from the side. The angular design also creates opportunities for large outdoor decks and solar shading on every level. Stanislas continues to make films, spending half his time in Guadeloupe, while Worrell does the most of the organizing and development of their organization along with three part-time associates. As Worrell says, “No one is occupying that commercial space,” so she regards this situation as an opportunity to fill that gap. Worrell started by making T-shirts for herself that declared “I am Carib Being,” then quickly found that there was high demand in the community for swag with this sort of message. The trick to caribBEING’s branding is that it is specific and particular, but not exclusive.

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