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So you’ve just found out about these things called ‘Shipping Container Homes’, and you’re wondering exactly what are they?
Don’t worry; we get lots of emails from people just like you every week asking us what they are and where to learn more about them. Container Home Plans has been the number one resource for all things shipping container home for the last several years and we have more than 50 articles on our website educating enthusiasts. We’re guilty for sometimes thinking everyone knows about container homes, and sometimes we don’t remember what it was like to be a new comer to the shipping container homes movement!
So today we’re going to start from the beginning and explain exactly what shipping container homes are and then provide you with some must read articles if you want to learn more. Shipping container homes are homes which have been built by converting and repurposing shipping containers. These shipping containers can be used or new, 20 or 40 foot long- it doesn’t really matter.
Thousands of shipping container homes have already been built all over the world, including: The US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, South Africa, India, Germany and the Netherlands. You can see more pictures of container homes in our beautiful shipping container homes article or take a look at this video tour of five shipping container homes.
So now you know what shipping container homes are, you’re probably wondering if they are popular or not? Yes- they are extremely popular and since 2000 they have been gradually rising in popularity all over the world. We published a report earlier on last year and one of the most popular reasons people build container homes is because of the price. Container homes can be built for a small sum of money which means that they can offer a route to financial independence for many people. Another great reason why they are so popular is that they are environmentally friendly and help the fight against climate change. Also, when you build a home out of shipping containers, you don’t need to use traditional building materials such as brick and cement- which saves the planet even more materials!
Once people are familiar with container homes, one of the first questions they ask is: “are they dangerous to live in?”. This is a fair question because ultimately you will be living in this home with your family so it needs to be safe!
Providing the home is built correctly and the containers are converted appropriately, then yes, shipping container homes are absolutely safe.
We have covered this in-depth in our article just how safe are shipping container homes, if you’d like to read more. For many people building a shipping container home is the perfect decision; however it definitely isn’t the right decision for everybody. It’s important that before you decide to build or live in a container home that you’ve taken into account all the pros and cons before you move forward with your idea. Some of the biggest advantages of container homes are: cheap cost, quick to build, eco-friendly. We can’t wait to see what your home is going to look like; remember to contact us once you’ve built it with photos of the finished home.
We’ve spoken with lots of people who have built their own shipping container home and there are several silly mistakes which people make along the way which end up costing them a lot of money.
Once you’ve read this and are becoming more familiar with container homes, take a look at our in-depth interviews with 23 container home owners.
This is by far one of our most popular articles on the website and there is so much knowledge within this article. We speak with 23 container home owners and ask them to share their best advice for people who want to build their own container home. Hopefully at this point in the article you are well aware of what a shipping container home is, why people build container homes, and you’ve even seen some of the beginner mistakes that people make when building. The biggest decision you will have to make is whether to build it yourself or bring a contractor in to build it for you.
The majority of people I know who live in container homes decided to build it themselves- not only is it much cheaper it also brings you closer to the home because your blood, sweat and tears have been poured into it! Bringing a contractor in can help take away a lot of these headaches and you can do all the fun stuff like designing the kitchen and flow of the house, whilst they do all the heavy lifting!
Fortunately, we have written an entire 2000+ word article just on how to plan your shipping container home.
I really hope this article has explained what shipping container homes are and hopefully you are feeling a lot more comfortable now!
When you’re new to the concept of container homes is can be overwhelming the amount of information out there, but hopefully this article has helped to get you started.

Remember there are more than 50 articles on our website all about shipping container homes, and you will find everything you need inside them. Building your own container home can be extremely rewarding not only financially but also as a sense of personal achievement.
If you have a stilt foundation I would definitely recommend insulating the underneath of the container with spray foam. I am a retired Marine Engineer and have sailed with and maintained cargo containers in my time. I believe that the $50,000 included the permits and architects drawings etc- however it didn’t include the cost of purchasing the land.
Use this content Artist's impression of a home-based architecture business to be made out of shipping containers. ANGRY residents are demanding answers as to how shipping containers have been approved for a home-based business on one of the Sunshine Coast's most prestigious streets.
Julie and Sharon Hyde returned to their Pacific Boulevard, Buddina home last Thursday to discover the neighbouring vacant property was home to three unsightly shipping containers. Their surprise turned to anger when they discovered these shipping containers would be a permanent feature.
The Sunshine Coast Council has approved a development application which allowed the shipping containers to be used for a home-based architectural business. Sharon and Julie Hyde are angry that shipping containers have been plonked land near the beach in Kawana. He has organised a meeting with town planners today to determine how the development application was approved. But the business owner, John Robertson of Oge Group, is adamant once he is finished, the shipping containers will be hardly recognisable. Stay Connected Update your news preferences and get the latest news delivered to your inbox. Cyber expert: 'If your child is online, they are at risk' BULLYING, naked photos and pedophiles are biggest issues online. World famous race bound for Sunshine Coast in 2017 Could the biggest motorsport event in Australian history be coming? Pauline Hanson crushes Liberal and Labor One Nation Senate candidate drives a Monster truck over two cars. If you're looking for a holiday home with a difference then you might like to think about recycled shipping containers - made from one of the strongest steels in the world and are resistant to atmospheric corrosion, can withstand harsh conditions. You can tow it behind back of a four wheel drive and see the countryside or relocate it to your block of land out in your favourite part of the world. Shipping containers are eco-friendly and energy saving and by turning a shipping container into a holiday home you will be contributing to the green revolution. With a little imagination you can transform a used shipping container into just about anything at a lower cost and with a quicker construction time than conventional building methods. Made from Corten steel, shipping containers make the ideal option for your mobile home as Corten steel is 40% stronger than regular steel so once you have your new holiday home decked-out on the inside you can put a deck or maybe a garden on top without fear of it collapsing. All Decked OutAll decked out by the sea, in the country and in the suburbs - anywhere you can think of! The shipping container cabin below is located on an Army Base in Sri Lanka and was built for a Lieutenant Colonel.
The cosy retreat below has a small sink and shower from which the grey water is recycled to water the garden on top of the shipping container. Because of their solid steel structure shipping containers can be securely locked up and left for periods of time - lock and leave security. Talk to them today on 1800 601 194 or get an online quote for your shipping container holiday home. Constructed in 2006, this home is one of the first official shipping container houses in the USA. The Manifesto House takes environmentally conscious construction to a whole new level with up to 85% of its exterior and interior being created from recycled, reused and eco friendly materials. We have seen shipping container homes built for less than $50,000- which is affordable for many people.
Unfortunately, container homes aren’t suitable for everyone and if you don’t have any DIY experience then building your own will be a steep learning experience.
Two of the most common mistakes are buying the wrong type of shipping containers and using the wrong insulation material. As idyllic as building it yourself sounds, it can become very stressful- especially if you are doing it for the first time. Shipping containers are modular and can be combined to make a larger dwelling so you can take your friends and family along on the holiday!

It is important to distribute the weight evenly on the top as it is the four corner posts that support your shipping container. They are also leak-proof and can withstand strong winds - after all they’ve survived many months at sea! Simply open it up on the good days to let the sunshine and fresh air in or seal it up on those not so good days and keep out the wind and rain. We are an Australian company with 20 years combined experience in the shipping container industry.
This stunning home in Redondo Beach was constructed from recycled steel shipping containers in conjunction with conventional building methods and prefabricated assemblies.
Utilising a prefabricated and modular design allowed for cheaper and faster construction methods.
Cheap, plentiful, and easily transportable, once its original purpose of shipping goods comes to an end, a shipping container can be easily refurbished and repurposed and used for many more years as a liveable abode very successfully. I wouldn’t insulate it internally because you lose too much space with regards to ceiling height. However, it is exciting to read that now there are thousands of these homes made from them.
Shipping containers come in standard sizes and are designed to interlock with each other which simplifies design ideas and makes transportation easy.
Here you get the most cost effective and efficient shipping container holiday home solutions available to make your dream holiday home a reality!
Assembling 70% of the house offsite lead to substantial time and cost savings, as well as a reduction in construction waste.Shipping containers are renowned for their strength and durability, and make this house resistant to fire, mold and termites.
From single container ‘tiny homes’ to multi-level, multi-room mansions, a shipping container home can be created in all shapes and sizes.Using a shipping container as a home has many benefits. Crimepercolate - Coolum BeachJoin the Discussion' data-content=' The judge got this one right. For a start, it is more ecologically friendly to reuse a shipping container rather than recycling it. Reusing shipping containers is a much more environmentally friendly option.Secondly, shipping containers are plentiful and cheap. There are around 17 million shipping containers in circulation around the world, with new ones being built every day. And because there are so many of them that have reached the end of their shipping life, they are extremely cost-efficient.
A used shipping container can be yours for as little as two thousand dollars depending on what’s available near your location.Thirdly, they are easily transportable, modular and stackable.
You can have a whole shipping container apartment block!Container Homes for SaleWant to go DYI?
There are many sites on the web which show you how you can create your own shipping container home. Certainly if you are handy with a range of tools, have some building experience (or know someone who does), have good equipment and a lot of time for research and experimentation, building your own shipping container can be a fun project (though we won’t say there aren’t any challenges!). You’ll love our range of used shipping containers, and there’s one (or 20 if you’re building that mansion) that will suit you. We also have joining kits and a wide range of accessories designed especially for shipping container conversions.Let Port Build the Container Home of Your DreamsIf you are slightly challenged in the handyman department, building your own shipping container home is probably not for you!
Here at Port Shipping Containers we can help you design and build a shipping container home to the exact specifications you need. And of course they come with all the utilities as well – plumbing and electrical fit-outs, insulation, ventilation, air-conditioning – even solar panels if you like. Our engineers are experts at creating designer container homes to your exact specifications, and will make your project a lot easier from start to finish. There’s a host of things to learn about shipping container conversions, and we know all the pitfalls!
Our pre-designed portable accommodation containers have everything you need to create a comfortable home, at a great price.
Whether you want to do it yourself, get us to build it for you, or like the look of our pre-designed units, we can help you arrange your perfect shipping container home. Fill in the quote form for a price guide, or contact us today at 1300 957 709 and we’ll be able to answer any questions you might have about your exciting new shipping container home.

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