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Shipping containers typically cost only $1800 – $5000 (some as little as $800) depending on their size. Built on a army base, made from reclaimed materials including the shipping container, old weapons boxes and remaining bunker materials. Three days ago I finished applying the Feather Friendly window dots on our large front windows. This past week in addition to finishing the bird dots on the windows, I’ve spent several days washing windows and making the house shine. As I get closer and closer to completing every little item on the punch list, Cynthia reminded me of what I said when we first met about eleven years ago. This entry was posted in shipping container house blog, Shipping Container House Panama and tagged birds flying into windows, building with shipping containers, cargotecture, container houses, expats in panama, isbu shipping container homes, life in Panama, shipping container home, shipping container house, shipping container house blog, shipping container house panama by Fred at Shipping Container House in Panama. Another excellent idea as we too worry about all the birds that fly into our veranda doors … I will look into where to obtain.
I am working on a world list of all species documented to fly into glass windows and sure could use help for the list for Panama. Sorry for the delay in answering, our Internet is dreadfully slow… Photos of the gardens sounds like a good idea.
Shipping Container Home -- More and more people are converting shipping container for green alternatives. While the location of the homes may have significant impact on the price of the home, the house itself costs a lot of money, a lot more than what most people can afford. They are readily available for purchase as containers that are shipped to their final destinations are usually too expensive to ship back.

I am happy to report that not one single bird has even come close to colliding with the glass!
Ramiro is still washing the house inside and out and touching up paint as he goes, and Armando has been cleaning the exterior rock work with the power washer.
I have felt the force draining day by day, but now, upon seeing it so close to being done, I feel the force return.
There are others, but I don’t know their names… Thanks for your comment and your work! This project has been quite a challenge to learn a whole new set of skills but being a smart and clever couple you have done it superbly.
In fact, now with just about everything done inside and out, a full set of photos is in order.
If you are wise, you will stick to what you said about your project not being as grand as mine. Our goal here is too illustrate the many container projects both big and small that are taking place around the world. During last decade, the abundance and cheapness of these containers helps architecture to convert into Home. These containers are also eco-friendly, as they are re-purposed into homes instead of being melted down when they are scrapped or shipped back empty. In our emails back and forth, I told her that I was in the process of doing a down-to-the-studs remodel of my 1920s Craftsman bungalow home in Colorodo.
Cynthia moved from Ohio to Colorado and we spent the next three-years finishing the bungalow.

Not because I want mine to be bigger than yours, but whew, this has been a marathon and has eaten all my time! Modern urban ingenuity allowed us to create and make use of living spaces that would have been considered absurd at any other point in time. Before you build, you should have some idea how much space you want, and start working up a floor plan. The deteriorating economy, rising levels of pollution and rapid increase in population forced people to consider more eco-friendlier ways. Typical homes in US seem like they are made of paper, they can’t handle extreme climate conditions.
Lastly, run a credit card over each dot to stick them to the window and then remove the carrier tape. They are build to handle heavy loads, harsh climate conditions, and being handled by cranes. These sturdy houses can be welded together and built in a very short time, and handle just about anything that is thrown at them.
Just like with any other irregular structures, container homes do have some disadvantages, so be sure to do some research.

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