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Constructed in 2006, this home is one of the first official shipping container houses in the USA.
The Manifesto House takes environmentally conscious construction to a whole new level with up to 85% of its exterior and interior being created from recycled, reused and eco friendly materials. When you leave for work and want to lock your doors, you simply push the button again and the home is protected by it’s steel shell. The architects website states that the home has bunk beds, a double bed room, and a dressing room.

When it comes to mobility the contain rests on 6 concrete footings, allowing the home to be sited at a variety of different ground conditions.
This stunning home in Redondo Beach was constructed from recycled steel shipping containers in conjunction with conventional building methods and prefabricated assemblies. Utilising a prefabricated and modular design allowed for cheaper and faster construction methods.
My favourite aspect of this home is how it manages to meld the exterior and interior so well – at the push of a button the container begins to tranform, revealing an exterior deck and a lofted sleeping are, which can be left exposed to the elements when the weathers good.

One side of the container is populated predominately with floor-to-ceiling windows, bathing the interior with natural light on the cloudiest of days.
Assembling 70% of the house offsite lead to substantial time and cost savings, as well as a reduction in construction waste.Shipping containers are renowned for their strength and durability, and make this house resistant to fire, mold and termites.

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