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Before opening up his business, Jimmy worked as a Greenpeace team leader for six years in Washington, D.C. He believes that shipping container homes are the most environmentally sound form of home construction on the market. The first step to ordering from Jimmy is to visit the prototype and decide what changes you would like to make.
And like Expat, I too have spent many years in Central America, and Costa Rica specifically. To Renaissanceronin: I believe he is NOT selling the container he is sitting inside (above). Straw bales are great for insulation but have less strength in earthquake and hurricane country.
This is truly amazing and brings a whole new concept of purchasing in another country!How affordable and inventive!
Reading through the comments there where a number of unanswered questions from readers so even though the original post goes back a while I thought I would add this here. I agree with some people in that this type of home is unique but is not as realistic for many people because it is alumimum. The price of this item includes a contribution to a Product recycling fund to ensure that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner. The jar has an aroma-tight seal, which makes it perfect for preserving your favourite homemade jams and jellies. Our blackout blinds also help you sleep, and the venetian blinds let you adjust the natural light so that ita€™s always just right. This discreet collection ranges from handmade glassware to furniture woven from natural fibres. We spend so much time looking forward to lifea€™s big moments, but sometimes the little things are really the big things. After I pay off my mortgage and get all the travelling crossed off my list, I want to build some sort of permanent dwelling. My company is working on the design of a house in Louisiana right now, and we're in preliminary discussions about a few other projects. Building with containers is worth taking a look at if you are contemplating a new home.Good resource is the Residential Shipping Container Primer website.

Whilst I appreciate the original thread is a little old now its clear by the readers updated comments that people are still finding this post useful ! Sorry about the crazy repeating -- I swear the site told me my comment was rejected over and over and over . I think if you buried the RV or mobile home you would need to reinforce the walls and the roof or it would cave in. And since they do stay within Costa Rica, you probably don’t have to worry about heating the place. It’s been estimated that 85 percent of the building materials used in each shipping container home have been recycled. If you cannot visit, and wish to place an order, you can do so and then as soon as the model home is picture ready he will send you the photos.
There must be millions of these out there that are waiting to be put to good use once they are finished as containers.
I have created a series of video on Shipping Container Homes for our members - you might be interested in the material on burying underground containers. He is selling a 45 x 8 x 9 foot finished home for $17,000, and a land and home package for $60,000. When I visited the country about 10 years ago it was just starting to cater to travelers, and now it’s a refuge for American and European expatriates.
Weeks after receiving his Doctorate he moved to Costa Rica where he has been established for ten years as a chiropractor in the town of San Ramon, Costa Rica. Also, the foundation design is less expensive, uses much less material and is faster to install. This is just another attempt at shoddy housing, and the families that buy in, will waste their money. ALSO IF YOU NEED TO CONSERVE SPACE INSTEAD OF PUTTING STAIRS PUT IN A BEAUTIFUL SPIRAL STAIRCASE. And still have money left over for other things to enjoy in life.Thata€™s why we offer our home furniture at prices so low as many people as possible will be able to afford them. Lee designs and delivers surprisingly airy and open shipping container homes with a full kitchen, bedroom and a small bathroom.

The infrastructure for transport already exists, so the container homes can be easily moved by ship, truck or train. It’s lightweight, underbuilt, mostly cheap aluminum and skin, and not fit for anything but hauling freight across highways. Here you can find inspiration for your home, and shop our range of home furnishing-including beds, sofas, sofa beds, curtains, oak furniture, rugs, bedding & roller blinds. A 20 x 8 x 8 foot container sells for $2,700 and a 40 x 8 x 8 foot container sells for $3,600 to $4,100. It seems like the cheapest way to regulate the temperature and maybe avoid the need for air conditioning at all.
If I bury my house I should stay cool too right?A shipping container would appear to be a perfect choice for an underground house.
It is very strong, made of steel, and is just the right size for one person (or more if they get along well). Ok, I know, that's going to make it hotter inside.There are a few other things I haven't figured out for the utilities. I would like a small fridge, computer, microwave, toaster oven, fan, heater, lights, TV and a few outlets.Hot water could be solar most of the year. I could still harvest rainwater off of the garage roof but I would have to have a little RV type pump for water pressure.Most of the water could be re-used on the landscape through a grey water system. Sure there are composting toilets to eliminate the need for a septic system but they are expensive.
A new septic system would cost, I am guessing, $6k but if I have a backhoe burying my shipping container he might as well dig a hole for the septic tank while he's at it.It would be really easy if I could just bury my RV. That means more money up front that I don't have and I would need to hire someone to help get the plans approved.

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