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You’ve no doubt heard stories of and maybe even seen a home built with shipping containers, for example, possibly Canada’s greenest home in Victoria B.C.
Inspired by BC Hydro’s model shipping container house at the 2010 Olympics (which it donated to the project), the Oneesan units are all soundproofed and insulated to or beyond building codes. Following up on the success of Oneesan, Atira is hoping to build what will be the tallest shipping container building on the continent. Janice Abbott, Atira’s chief executive, sees the container-building model she’s been working on as one that will allow many other groups to build more housing at a lower cost. Outside of Canada, many more innovative and inspiring projects can be found in London, Amsterdam, Germany and elsewhere. Aside from these amazing projects, building homes and providing social-housing built with shipping containers is still a relatively new idea. On a much larger scale, Oneesan, a 12 unit social-housing complex, the first of its kind in Canada, was completed last year by the Atira Women’s Resource Society in partnership with the city of Vancouver. Each has its own kitchen, bathroom and laundry, and was created to provide affordable housing for women older than 50 in a low-income neighbourhood.

They’re planning to include 26 social-housing units in the building, which will use about 90 shipping containers stacked 7 (storeys) high.
Moreover, a British foundation has found a cheap solution to the housing crisis from London turns the containers in homes and then renting them to low-income youth.
Or the recently built shipping container house for a homeless family in Ireland by Ceardean Architects. According to Atira's chief executive director Janice Abbott, the hard construction costs were $82,500 per unit; significantly less expensive than the $220,000 cost per unit in conventional concrete housing in Vancouver at the time.
Awesome Shipping Container Home Designs  (video)There are already genuine metal neighborhoods where the British prefer to move in order to save money to buy a real home later. Is this a tipping-point for this kind of construction in Canada or just a flash-in-the-pan? Shipping containers are converted into studios equipped with a small bathroom and a space to replace a kitchen.
It is the ideal solution for many young people with very low incomes.Awesome Shipping Container Home Designs (2) (video)It is true that most of these containers are cargo containers used mainly for the transport of goods and commodities from one corner to another of the world.

In fact, metal modular houses means economic houses – the prefabrication of the house bringing significant savings of time and money.Homes made from Shipping Containers (video)Metal structures are preferred for the construction of holiday homes, houses, buildings for public or domestic utility, because the space is easily configured, and construction can be quickly given in use. A great rapidity in execution of construction!Houses can be made in several stages depending on the current budget available.
Except pouring foundations and the floor (if necessary) the rest of the building can be made at any time of year.Light metal structures, container type modules are compatible with almost any home project such as attics, partitions, building positioned in inaccessible places, houses, shops, restaurants, motels, stores, warehouses, industrial buildings structures separate roofs, balconies, garages and other outbuildings. They have high resistance to seismic activity, and can be adapted aesthetic, to any geographical area.Also, container modular homes can be easily brought to the passive house standard because the insulating materials blend harmoniously with structural strength.

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