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Numerous disaster relief housing projects have been proposed to help in the aftermath of the Haiti Earthquake last month, and while many of them seem workable, none (as of yet) will actually be implemented.
Richard Moreta is the principal architect for his own firm, Richard’s Architecture + Design as well as a principal of GMZ Design, with offices in Berlin, Mexico City, Miami, New York, San Francisco and Santo Domingo. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. As a bathroom renovator and in the building industry I have worked on several shipping containers turned into homes and are continually in awe of them. This makes perfect sense; they have been using shipping containers in vancouver as housing for homeless people, so why not try something like this too?

I would like to Export Container city houses to other third world countries, please contact me soon.
By the way, I referred to Chile in my earlier comment because the same container "solution" was suggested for Chile. But a new shipping container project designed by Richard Moreta and his team may change all that. The Container Cities project also includes many sustainable design elements including natural ventilation, photo-electric sensitive cells, solar panels, wind turbines, double thickness insulation, glass facades for natural daylighting, rainwater collection, living roofs and bio-climatic technology solutions to make this project zero energy.
I tend to only do Bathroom Renovations in Brisbane but would love to eventually turn my business green making and selling these types of containers.

What would be good is if a list was made up of furnature building materials and extr supplys then have cities sponsor houses or clinics.
For this project, Moreta and his team have built upon their previous experience using shipping containers for similar purposes in Bosnia and Italy. At the end of its life as temporary housing, the container city could either be further modified for more permanent housing or be unbolted and moved to another location.

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