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If you ever fantasized about riding the rails in a boxcar or stowing away in the cargo hold of a ship for a trip around the world, this hot trend in home design may be just the ticket.
The push for sustainable, affordable home construction has inspired the use of retired, recycled, refurbished shipping containers. Amsterdam, The Netherlands has devoured shipping container architecture with an unmatched appetite. IC Green, Inc, a California-based building firm, has streamlined shipping container conversion to provide customized homes, guest houses, pool cabanas, and more to land owners across the globe. Marketing Via Postal Group (MVP) shows how the home office or mixed industrial space can be both cozy and efficient with their vignette-styled offices, kitchens, and lounges.
Steep-slope lots with heart-stopping views are well within the reach of crane-lowered container homes, able to be secured on any form of foundation from cement blocks, to full slab, to braces and stilts.

Artist and architect Adam Kalkin thought inside, outside, and around the box with his series of shipping container designs.
One couple scored a quick, eco-friendly build for their getaway home and, at as little as $1200 per container, recycled shippers really fit the bill.
Innovators at SG Blocks competed for the most attention at 2009’s Green West Expo with their comfortable, modern home design. The trailblazing entrepreneurs at Envision Prefab are pushing the envelope of recycled container design with workable, suburb-friendly creations in an ever expanding range developed for fans of contemporary architecture. Throughout the city and its outskirts one can find numerous colorful, space-efficient complexes of affordable and luxury apartments constructed of modified containers. The 12 Container House has set a new standard in luxury homes built of reclaimed and recycled materials.

Maintaining the original markings and surfaces makes for great conversation when guests drop in. Emphasizing the cost-savings and liveability of shipping container houses, SG Blocks is most notable for building seamlessly into standard suburban neighborhood schemes.

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