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This gorgeous holiday home in New Zealand designed by Crossan Clarke Carnachan Architects makes the most of the beach views with an open-planned living space and large windows in the front and back of the house. It features two bedrooms, one bathroom, kitchen, folding cedar shutters along the length of the house and even has a fireplace for entertaining on chilly winter nights. The stunning Californian multi-shipping container house designed by Peter Maria Design Associates has won coveted architecture awards. The living space has an impressive 6m ceiling with an even more impressive floor to ceiling window which folds up and opens out to the garden.
This funky three shipping container house was a 90-day project by Chilean construction company Infiniski, which came in at a budget friendly $118,000.
The entire house is 85% made out of recycled, eco-friendly and reused materials, with wood-slatted exterior and solar covers on walls and roofs. Architect Benjamin Garcia Saxe turned two shipping containers into this bold, modern space by cutting out an entire side wall and setting them apart with a raised mid section. The house was built for under $40,000 for a couple who dreamed of living a simpler life in rural Costa Rica. Last but not least, this cute as a button guest house designed by Award-winning US firm Poteet Architects in Texas complements its bright exterior with bamboo walls and floors and a planted roof top.
Constructed in 2006, this home is one of the first official shipping container houses in the USA. The Manifesto House takes environmentally conscious construction to a whole new level with up to 85% of its exterior and interior being created from recycled, reused and eco friendly materials. James & Mau Arquitectura This two-story, 1,700-square-foot home is built from 85 percent recycled materials, including three shipping containers, wood pallets and cellulose from unread newspapers that act as insulation.
DeMaria Design Built from eight recycled steel shipping containers, this two-story, 3,000-square-foot home may be made of humble materials, but its location is anything but. DeMaria Design According to the home's architects, DeMaria Design, 70 percent of the building was created and assembled in an off-site lab, before being transported and finished on site. Leger Wanaselja Architecture This three bedroom, 1,350-square-foot home in Berkeley, California, is made of three 40-foot refrigerated shipping containers.
Leger Wanaselja Architecture The center of the structure, which is not a shipping container, houses the living room, stairs and a bridge between the bedrooms.

Patrick Partouche It took architect Patrick Partouche one year and eight 40-foot shipping containers to build his two-story, 2,200-square-foot Maison Container house in Lille, France, though it was assembled in just three days. Patrick Partouche Partouche decided to thread the industrial nature of the containers throughout the design, sticking with galvanized steel, corrugated metal sheets and exposed wood finishes. Studio HT, Brad Tomecek, Tomecek Studio This 1,500-square-foot home in Nederland, Colorado, is made with two shipping containers that saddlebag a taller, custom-built common space.
Studio HT, Brad Tomecek, Tomecek Studio The containers house the bedrooms, bathrooms, office, laundry and kitchen, while the common space includes an entry, dining room, living room and open loft with a platform bed that slides on tracks outside to simulate a camping experience. Poteet Architects This 40-foot guest house in San Antonio really reflects its surroundings: Like the shipping container itself, the property is a former industrial site converted to residential property. Poteet Architects The home also includes an electric composting toilet and a roof garden that is watered from the gray water produced by the shower and sink.
Powered and implemented by Interactive Data Managed Solutions News provided by The Associated Press. Designed by Todd Miller of Ziegler Build, the three-story property cleverly uses the container’s original interior to create an industrial chic effect.
With over 200 million empty units sitting in ports around the world, turning them into inhabitable spaces is an eco-friendly solution for those looking for something a little outside of the box. It boasts two bedrooms, one bathroom, kitchen, an artist’s studio, a library and an outdoor lap pool. This stunning home in Redondo Beach was constructed from recycled steel shipping containers in conjunction with conventional building methods and prefabricated assemblies. Utilising a prefabricated and modular design allowed for cheaper and faster construction methods. Because they are abundant, recycling them as a living space is both environmentally friendly and inexpensive (they typically run between $1,000 and $2,000 per container).The steel bones are structurally stronger than a wood frame. The pallets are closed during the summer to protect the house from sun-produced heat, but can be opened in the winter to allow the sun to heat the metal surface of the container walls, thus helping to heat the house. The home overlooks the Pacific Ocean from a $1 million beachfront perch in Redondo, California. Two are stacked on top of each other to create the kitchen and the master bedroom while the other container is cut in half and stacked to create the other two bedrooms.

At the same time, he added large windows throughout the structure to let in natural light and a view of a field dotted with cows. The so-called Caterpillar house, named for the container "legs" that stick out from the main building, is situated in the Andes Mountains, so some containers were rested on the slope and blended into the mountain.
The scattered windows offer expansive mountain views.The home relies on off-the-grid electricity that's created using a combination of solar orientation, passive cooling, green roofs, pellet stove heating and photovoltaics. In keeping with the industrial-turns-residential theme, Poteet Architects and the owners elected to retain the shipping container's original color and markings and the interior design includes painted sheet metal. The entire container sits on recycled telephone poles that act as a foundation and the deck is made of recycled air conditioner equipment pads. Glink is an award-winning, nationally syndicated columnist, best-selling book author, and radio talk show host who also hosts "Expert Real Estate Tips," a Internet video show.
Assembling 70% of the house offsite lead to substantial time and cost savings, as well as a reduction in construction waste.Shipping containers are renowned for their strength and durability, and make this house resistant to fire, mold and termites. It features four bedrooms, four bathrooms and a backyard lap pool -- also made from a recycled shipping container. The home includes three bedrooms, four bathrooms, an office, kitchen, utility room and garage.
They also use a lot of energy and produce a lot of waste when they're converted into something that's actually habitable.And they're boxy. The containers typically come in two lengths, 40 feet and 20 feet, and are less than 8 feet wide and about 8 feet high when insulation and interior walls are added, making for an awkward living space. But architects and designers have managed to do a lot with them, as seen in these seven shipping container homes.

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