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Six Oaks is a recycled shipping container house located in the forested mountains outside of Santa Cruz, California. Six Oaks was created by Modulus as a vacation getaway in heavily wooded site near Felton, CA. Our most recent shipping container home design is a three story beauty with a rooftop porch and a 270 degree sun room. Not all container homes are built with the external container walls exposed to the elements. This shipping container construction gallery came to us through a client of ours that’s in the traditional home construction business. Building with ISBUs is as simple as the concept children are being taught: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
This video of the London based Container City was among the first influences that I had in my Shipping Container Home exploration. Building with shipping containers also opens up a whole new world of technology that leaves less of an impact on the earth’s limited resources and makes it even less expensive for you. Once upon a time, you had to buy passage on a freight ship headed out to sea in order to see a stack of containers piled high to the sky all around you. His own home, for example is constructed out of eight used shipping containers stacked on a residential lot. At the more conventional end of the container home design spectrum is this modern-style house that combines concrete, stone, glass, metal and a set of multicolored shipping containers at its core. Creative contemporary domestic designs, from unique home architecture to custom interior, furniture & DIY design ideas.Find inspiration via plans & pictures of compact modular mini-houses, small-space apartments, all-in-one bathroom & bedroom projects & more.Upcycled cargo shipping container houses, to space-saving furniture, ultra-modern interiors & futuristic homes! As every house project , you need to find an architect or plans to build your container house.
The construction of these houses is the factory and the houses are then assembled on a dry site.
Used containers arrive in quantity from China, and they do not leave blank, many remain in Europe. These container houses are good examples of beautiful houses, house modern house cube … These homes are primarily containers assemblies and style follows.
Build a small house can reduce construction costs, and the container is also quite economical to this view. Adam Kalkin’s container house has been an inspiration to many and Adam has gone on to build several more container homes.

From our understanding this is used as a single home, but as you can see it would work very well for dual occupancy.
9 x 40ft shipping containers and concrete were used to build this container home by Adam Kalkin. The biggest benefits of Adam’s container house we can see is the split dwelling allows for dual living, large families or just one part of the house for entertaining and the other for resting and living.
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Designed by San Jose-based Modulus, the container house fits within the context of its environment and is at once both modern and rustic.
The simple design seeks for minimalism in terms of functionality, cost, material usage and day-to-day living. Access to the 1,200 sq ft home is gained via a bridge that juts out from the road to the home set within a hollow.
The best aspect of this shipping container design is that the true beauty of the raw container walls were left exposed. It uses a few unique features that really set this home apart from other shipping container homes. The difficulties of design and architecture are taken out of the equation and you can spend less time worrying about how things will fit together, because the containers are already made to do just that. Container City is one of the most recognizable Shipping Container projects around the world.
Using “Smart” home design, you can monitor all the energy and water consumption that your home is using at any given time using a computer or a smart-phone. Nowadays more and more architects and builders are finding used free or for sale cargo containers at discount prices to construct all kinds of houses, homes and office structures. On top of that he has come up with all kinds of engaging cargo home plans and designs that range from simply, sturdy and easy-to-construct to complex, conceptual, whimsical and nearly impossible to build.The above sequence of shipping container housing structures sits somewhere in the middle.
While they bear little resemblance to their freight-bearing cousins of the sea, each container unit still stands out within the overall design.What if you heard there was a new condo space for sale, but that you had to bring your own condo with you once you buy it?
The price of land, the price of construction, finishes … An expensive and time consuming to implement together. Self build container is an easy to implement solution using an architect can be a more qualitative approach.
While modular construction is not new, the use of 40-foot shipping container is fairly new.

The home was built to fit the topography of the site and a bridge is used to gain access to the entrance.
Daylight enters through skylights and windows throughout the home and through grates in the walls and floors to interior spaces. This particular layout is a two bedroom two bath setup with the main living area on the second floor. The large archway shown to the right helps to break up the containers rough edges and add a smooth transition from one room to another. Surplus shipping containers cause the same problems that any other over-abundant waste causes- only giant. You also don’t have to worry about certain code technicalities because ISBUs easily meet and even exceed safety regulation. Rightfully so, this magnificent structure has some of the most interesting design elements that can be found on a project of this size using shipping containers. This way you can see where you are losing energy, what needs to change, and how you can improve your consumption habits. However, lest you think you need to go the route of hiring a professional, you should know that some do-it-yourself designers like Keith Dewey are making do with their own shipping container home plans. Built around standard sizes, these buildings use a combination of the container cores and conventional wood framing, metal shed roofs and other inexpensive and conventional building materials and construction approaches. Talk about an extreme DIY project, this shipping container tower design is a great concept for futuristic portable and modular housing.
Outdoor living spaces are crafted with as much attention to detail as the indoor ones in order to make the home bigger and more useful.
Nesting the shipping containers into the hillside helps to keep the overall temperature at a manageable level to reduce energy consumption. Think about the comparison of throwing a tin can in a landfill and throwing a 1,360 cubic foot can into a landfill. While it would be by no means a free ride to a new home, these standard components combined with used containers would help bring down the costs considerably. Using these shipping containers on the inside of a building opens up lots of possibilities when you begin to think about it.

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