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On my never ending quest for cool custom builders in Japan (especially ones producing Cafe Racer styled bikes) I came across Tickle Motorcycle shop. On March 18, 2009 Webbs premiere aution house in New Zealand held an auction of vintage and collectable motorcycles. A very kind reader has sent me a group of shots he took at last years Goodwood Revival Festival in Sussex. The Rockers screaming around the track on their Cafe Racers is of course a highlight for me. He's obviously got a soft spot for Cafe Racers and a great eye for photography.Visit the Part B website for more eye candy. Who in their right mind would ride around on a bike with a seat like that!?From the look of it he's a keen bike builder with photos from a wide range of projects in his account including another Honda Cafe Racer ('72 CB750) and a very tasteful looking Yamaha XS650 bobber.The XS650 wiring all runs inside the frame and connects to the electrics (hidden in a fake oil tank) via some copper tubing. With so many small custom workshops producing their own bolt-on parts it easy to see why customised motorcycles are so common.

This was the bike that Burt rode when he raced the gang of rockers down a beach in New Zealand which resulted in a nasty spill and a 2 month stay in hospital.This 1969 Triton T150 Cafe Racer is a beaut. Tickle used custom parts from Official, Peyton place and Stinky on this Cafe Racer styled Yamaha SR400. In my home town getting your hands on parts like these is virtually impossible unless you know who to talk to (and have the money to spend). The pairs drag racing background guaranteed their creation would pack plenty of punch and showcase a plethora of custom high performance mods.

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