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A portable summer market in Melbourne is gearing up for a new season with a fresh new design by Steven Vidovic and Kristina Taranto that focuses on reused materials. After the sun drops the market is designed to turn into a music venue or theater, doubling the use of the space and engaging all of the city’s occupants. Maybe the shipping containers will be the tipping point to bring the Winter Classic to Nats stadium. Chris: Some of those links look OK in the right setting, however, I didn't sign up to live next door to an outdoor fairground made of salvaged containers.
They're working with DCRA and the Office of Planning (which handles zoning issues), and there are no indications of issues, at least according to Bo Blair at last night's meeting.
There's been pre- and post-game music at the Bullpen for three seasons, just FYI. And landscaping is probably not really something the city is too much concerned about for a temporary site that probably won't exist three years from now. I like keeping my door open to listen to the music - its not that loud but agreed on how it will look.
So now we've got 2 clear examples of how this is done well and successfully, and I'm betting we'll still get the angry old man response from someone who doesn't seem to get that living in the city is far different than the control freak nature of a Home Owners Association in the self-righteous suburbs.
I'm not opposed to the fairgrounds or its future use, just because I choose not to get excited about two city blocks of salvaged containers bordering it, doesn't make me a complete pessimist. What's New This YearA quick look at what's arrived or been announced since the end of the 2014 baseball season.
21-acre site, 41,000-seat ballpark, construction begun May 2006, Opening Day March 30, 2008. 121 market-rate and 91 workforce-rate townhomes sold in phases; construction started June 2008, completed fall 2012. New mixed-income apartment building once known as the Lofts at Capitol Quarter on the northern portion of the old Capper Seniors lot along L Street.
A new building replacing the old center, with day care, a rec center, gym, computer lab, and more.
430-unit apartment building called Park Chelsea, 1st phase of 1 million-sq-ft residential project by William C. 336-unit apartment building at 800 New Jersey Ave., SE, second phase of 1 million-sq-ft residential project by WC Smith.
325 residential units, 170-unit hotel, and 40,000 square feet of retail along 1st Street, by Grosvenor and McCaffery. A 168-room hotel on the corner of 1st and N, construction started early 2014, opened December 2015.
A bridge between Teague and Yards Parks is part of the planned 20-mile Anacostia Riverwalk multi-use trail along the east and west banks of the Anacostia River.
Construction underway in 2015 to expand the 106-year-old tunnel to allow for a second track and double-height cars.
Rail and Bus TimesGet real time data for the Navy Yard subway, Circulator, Bikeshare, and bus lines, plus additional transit information.
195-room Homewood Suites Hotel at 50 M Street, construction underway March 2015, delivery 2016. Prose peddler: Dave Morse opened Better Read Than Dead with two partners in a shipping-container stall at the Broadway flea market. Another newcomer: Robert Richards has only been selling soccer apparel at his Richards Sports stall since February.
Young artists are setting up shop in a flea market in Bushwick that for years has been the exclusive domain of vendors selling discount clothes, DVDs, and secondhand sneakers.

The Broadway bazaar is a warren of shipping-container stalls in the shadow of the elevated J, M, and Z tracks, meaning it fits right in with the homemade zines and band-logo patches the newcomers are hawking. The store, which like the others takes up a space smaller than a typical bedroom, specializes in punk records, underground and horror comics, and old cult movies on VHS.
Another stall that houses a tiny used bookstore is a big upgrade for the owners, who previously had been selling paperbacks at a table outside the Morgan L station.
Early last Wednesday afternoon, Better Read Than Dead was the only micro-business open in the entire flea market, though it is unclear how much of that is because longtime tenants have moved on. The freshly arrived bohemian arrived shops may have a tough time getting into the black if a recent visit is any indication. No one was shopping at Better Read Than Dead on Wednesday afternoon and passerbys whom we quizzed said they had not patronized any of the new businesses. But a more conventional new seller says that the vendors are pooling their money to start advertising. D’Angelo said he is not sure whether the ongoing gentrification of Bushwick will ultimately bolster or sink his business. Letters will be edited at the sole discretion of the editor, may be published in whole or part in any media, and upon publication become the property of The Brooklyn Paper.
The aesthetically eccentric Peoples Market and Flea will feature shipping containers housing shops and eateries and draped in greenery. Shipping containers will divide spaces within the vacant car lot to create room for a bar, a music scene, an outdoor cinema, and of course shopping. Stacks and stacks of milk crates along the brick wall spell out the market’s name while creating walls that double as signage for the storefronts. Modeled on Brooklyn's Dekalb Market and designed by Schlesinger Associate Architects, Fairgrounds will use salvaged shipping containers as retail spaces for vendors, in a program overseen by Diverse Markets Management, the people behind the flea market across from Eastern Market and the downtown holiday market.
DCRA even tweeted a link to this post today saying how excited they are by the project. As I said in the post, they're also planning to work with local artists to spruce up the parts of the containers that act as the fence. This part of our neighborhood is barren as it stands and stacking (painted) salvaged containers on an empty lot next to other empty lots will only regress the profound progress made modernizing a former industrial wasteland. This use is much less temporary I suspect (parts will require a foundation - such as the upended containers and stacked containers - or else they would fall during high winds).
Regardless, I'm sure this will fit right in with the public storage building and the U-haul facility. See the complete map of completed, underway, and proposed projects all across the neighborhood. One budding businessman was not bothered by the relatively narrow market for and slim profit margins on such items.
You agree not to post any abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening or sexually-oriented material or any material that may violate applicable law; doing so may lead to the removal of your post and to your being permanently banned from posting to the site. Artificial trees made from reclaimed lumber and graffiti-strewn walls will create an urban-meets-green vibe that aims to attract folks from all around to shop, eat and relax starting in November. DMM touts a database of more than 2,000 vendors that it says it will tap into to "keep the market busy and diversified."The Market (seen above and at left, click to enlarge) will be positioned on the Das Bullpen site at Half and M, across from the Navy Yard Metro station entrance.
Now let's hope they can spread the word to get people from all over the city to check it out.
And I don't think reclaimed containers speaks of the direction those of us who invested in the neighborhood want to see it go. Near SE is not developed enough to support what some seem to misconceive as a colorful amusement park, is merely a flea market and beer drinking quarters surrounded by salvaged shipping containers.

Looking forward to walking over there with the family and hanging out with my neighbors and friends on a regular basis. Well I have and have friends who are vendors there--yes they use old shipping containers but its done tastefully and gives a different element to that downtown brooklyn area. So there's a tendency to think that on non-game days, this place will be dead. In reality, you'd have to figure that the whole reason that Bo Blair wants to change the concept for that site is that the bullpen itself is way too reliant on the Nats. I'm sure it will look astonishing and will become DC's top destination for buying what-nots and good beer drinking and all of my friends will envy me because while their containers are stuck at loading docks (where they don't belong, I might add) we get to play in ours before ball games. Also 99 M office building, 233,000 sq ft, 11,000 sq ft retail, underway fall 2015, delivery 2017.
Spivak and his partners are still running their stall as a sideline to better-paying work and sojourns out of the city.
If anyone really thinks that 1) the fairgrounds concept for this upcoming season is a disaster that will negatively impact the growth and perception of the neighborhood to the point that it will non-trivially hinder their home value, and 2) that it is quasi-permanent because Akridge isn't going to develop anything on that land in the next 10 years: they should just sell the unit now and cut their losses. There will be a "spectator" deck built on top of the shipping containers as well as a music stage, with plans to continue to have local and regional bands play on game days. If you think that is the case, then the right thing to do is sell and move to a neighborhood with better growth prospects. Something tells me that nobody is going anywhere. And we all know why -- everyone who bought into this neighborhood did so with eyes wide open that it was a long-term prospect.
Either these people made one of the naivest moves possible without any forethought, or they are just coming on here to blow smoke and complain. The site will host another series of Truckeroo food truck festivals throughout the summer, along with potential music events, arts festivals, farmers' markets, etc. Indeed, JD hints in the blog item that this new design concept for the bullpen is being used in part to enable Akridge to start building this summer. Every Sunday, there will be a "Family Day," with children's concerts, face painting, balloon artists, and the like. Considering all that happened in 2008-09, the BID, Forest City, the ANC, and others have done a fantastic job in keeping near Southeast development on track.
But, in what will probably be even bigger news to people who have been watching this area closely for a long time, Akridge says that they hope to begin construction this summer on the first phase of their 700,000-square-foot Half Street mixed-use development. Their intent would be to start with the 280ish-unit residential building on the south end of the block (directly across from the stadium), and the Fairgrounds' design would make it easy to just move the wall of containers further north on the site to still leave an events area available if indeed they do get underway before the end of the baseball season.
The project also includes plans for two office buildings on the north end of the block, along with ground-floor retail along Half, M, N, and a pedestrian walk between the office buildings.At Monday night's ANC 6D meeting where these plans were presented, the commissioners expressed enthusiasm, and a resolution of support was passed 6-0. With advances in guerilla marketing, social media, and a more diverse local culture than DC has ever seen, this will become a phenomenon by June. Blair and his team are working with DCRA and other city agencies to get necessary approvals and permits in place so that containers can be brought in and the market can get underway by the start of the baseball season. I can count on one hand the number of non-CapRiverfront friends I have that have even heard of the Yards Park or Canal Park.
Most people still perceive the neighborhood as a total failure and have no idea the progress is being made because they aren't Nats fans and have never actually seen the neighborhood.

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