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Common identification standards are a vital basic enabler to permit efficient and effective communication of product, replenishment and business data between trading partners. The GTIN is a 14 digit number which is used to identify each item type, whether it is a unit that a consumer would purchase, or a traded unit (such as a case or a carton) which a manufacturer would sell to a retailer or wholesaler. The first digit indicates the logistics unit, whether it is the consumer unit, the inner carton or the case. The SSCC is held in a database on the company's systems which identifies the products on the pallet or within the container.
When the pallet or container is shipped it is shipped with a Logistics Label which contains the SSCC numerically and using the EAN128 bar code.
When combined with the electronic Advanced Shipment Notification message, the SSCC can be used to automate the goods receiving process and reduce data mis-matches. The GLN is used in Standard Electronic Messages to identify where a specific supply chain event should take place. The Electronic Product Code (EPC) is business application of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to the supply chain.

The EPC is detected by readers transmitting radio waves which are collected by the RFID tag's antenna and energize the microchip, which responds by transmitting the EPC back to the reader.
Follow the links below to find out more about this technology and the effect it is expected to have on the supply chain in the future. The GS1 has created standard product classification schemas covering many consumer products categories. The EAN.UCC System also provides identification numbers to assure worldwide uniqueness for serialized identification of Logistics Units (shipping containers). This identification number is known as the SSCC, and is stored in a fixed length data structure of 18 digits. The Extension digit has no defined logic, and is available to the member company to increase the capacity of the Serial Reference. Your barcodes are e-mailed to you within seconds of your purchase as printable, high-resolution digital files.
Your download will start immediately.*We do not sell your email address or share it with any outside party.

Other websites will trick you with their low cost up front fee but you end up paying over time with renewal fees. The barcodes can then be easily placed into the artwork of your packaging or printed directly onto stickers. Through your account on our website, you can generate barcode images in a variety of image platforms. Once assigned to a shipping container, an SSCC number shall not be used to identify another shipping container for a minimum of 12 months from the time it is shipped to a trading partner.
The barcodes can then be easily placed into the artwork of your packaging or printed directly onto labels.

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