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Shipping containers: They're strong, durable and portable, stack easily and link together like Legos. But so much travel takes its toll, and after about eight years, the containers wear out and are retired. Despite an oft-reported glut of unused cargo containers lying idle around ports and ship yards - estimates have ranged from 700,000 to 2 million- the Intermodal Steel Building Units and Container Homes Association puts the number closer to 12,000, and that includes what's sold on Craigslist and eBay.
HyBrid Architecture in Seattle, which has built small cottages and office buildings from containers, coined the term "cargotecture" almost 10 years ago to describe this method of building.
Still, it manages to pack in a galley kitchen and micro bathroom with a ceiling-mounted showerhead - the floor's redwood slats hide a drain - and can sleep up to four (a bed unfolds from the wall, a couch converts, another bed can be added). Stripped of their paint and topped with large roof canopies for shade, each box sits off the ground on short stilts. Weirdly enough, a major east-west railroad runs through this middle-of-nowhere terrain three to five times a day, its long, distant cars loaded with shipping containers, a regular reminder from where this home came. Case abandoned plans for a conventional office complex when the economy faltered and instead bought 35 shipping containers. An art object by night and a snack cart by day, this pop-up lobster shack opened in the Old Port of Montreal two years ago.
The brainchild of Daniel Noiseaux, the design-obsessed restaurateur who brought wood-oven pizza to Montreal 31 years ago, Muvbox was inspired by the horse-drawn snack carts and old-style canteens of centuries past, and Adam Kalkin's Push Button House installation of 2006. While Montreal was first, Muvboxes have since surfaced in Paris, Toronto and New York's Times Square, where the lobster frescoes yield to black-and-white stripes, and the menu changes from lobster to hot dogs and bagels. A cluster of about 60 food and Etsy-style arts and clothing vendors operating out of shipping containers on a vacant Brooklyn lot, the DeKalb Market is no Dordoy Bazaar in Kyrgyzstan or Seven-Kilometer Market in Ukraine.
Having had two restaurants fail on him, Kirk Lance vowed if he ever opened another he'd have to be able to pick it up and move it if it started to backslide. As he drove down the interstate in Oregon, where Lance had moved and had his eco-conscience raised, he noticed "giant yards a€¦ with hundreds, possibly thousands" of shipping containers stacked up and suddenly saw his next restaurant.

But getting the permits, the blueprints, the structural engineering reports through the state of Oregon took four years, and added "a ton" to the cost, Lance says. True, the Shipping Container House is not all shipping containers, but by definition it's still cargotecture.
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That's when architects and designers, especially those with a "green" bent, step in to turn these cast-off boxes into student housing in Amsterdam, artists' studios, emergency shelters, health clinics.
Co-founder Joel Egan cautions that although containers can sell for aound $2,500, they shouldn't be seen as a low-cost housing solution. This three-story, 12,000-square-foot complex, which sits like a child's Lego dome in a post-industrial section of Providence, is the largest office building in the United States made exclusively of cargo containers.
But, he says, with construction costs at $1.6 million, the containers didn't really save him money. Motorized and illuminated by solar-powered batteries, Muvbox opens and closes in about 90 seconds - the side panels unfold to become terraces with table-seating. Cutting out windows, spraying in the foam insulation, "anybody with a little construction background can probably figure those things out," he says. The two containers that sandwich the main living area house an office and a bedroom in this 1,500-square-foot mountain home. We provide door to door collection and delivery for that extra peace of mind, as well as online tracking and text and email updates.
So, in this case, your luggage will be picked up or dropped off at the halls reception area or postal room. We also offer a Price Match tool – so if you do find a cheaper price elsewhere, we’ll try to beat it! Most architects see those containers, and they want to manipulate them too much and cut them all up," says Mark Wellen, who designed Cinco Camp for Roger Black, a former Rolling Stone and New York Times art director who'd grown sick of the Hamptons.

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