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Small size shipping containers are typically 6', 8' or 10' but can be built to custom specs as required.
The following gallery is to give you an idea of what we have on hand in terms of Small Shipping Containers for Sale or Hire. A small shipping container is a cost effective, secure solution for small storage requirements. Area needs to be cleaned up and clear of obstructions like bollards, overhanging power lines, trees and branches.
The 10ft Hi Cube shipping container is great for small areas not restricted by height that won't fit a 20ft container. Used Shipping Containers; A Grade, B Grade & C Grade George Shaw 03-Mar-2014Do I need to get my container up off the ground? But usually for me the smaller the better because I like efficiency and the idea of not going beyond our needs too much. In this post I’m going to show you an example of what can be done with a couple of recycled shipping containers. I also like the exposed beams and I love the structure they built to combine the two containers and make the entire thing one awesome home.
If you enjoyed this shipping container house you’ll love our free daily tiny house newsletter! It also occurred to me that two box trucks could be parked head to toe with the boxes almost touching. I had these thoughts when I was brainstorming inexpensive urban alternatives to overpriced row homes. Put those containers underground and make yourself a underground bunker home for the up coming Apocalypse.
I have helped design and build a few shipping container homes and there are lots of ways they can be modified. I designed one that is insulated with strawbales on the outside and stucco for a super insulated and strong shipping container home. LaMar, I’d love to know how you protected the metal exterior from moisture with the strawbales up against the container, and what is done to keep animals from nesting inside the straw bales.
Hi Mike, the strawbales are left 1 inch space from the container and that space is filled with pea gravel. Are there any references on how to build out and finish containers & interiors you know of? This site is a very valuable resource, as it walks through the complete construction, start to finish. Sure looks like it, and it also looks like the Containers of Hope would be a more expensive version. You could easily secure the doors but you bring up a problem I see revealed in you question.

I really like the looks of this two container home but have a problem withe cost of such a home.
If all that Tiny House blogs showcased were low end, bare knuckle tiny homes on wheels with exposed plywood walls, a futon, a water jug and a sawdust bucket, the audience that would draw inspiration for downsizing would be miniscule.
As an architect who specializes in add-ons to high end homes in Chicago, I am constantly repurposing away hundreds of thousands of dollars of fixtures, appliances, wood paneling and windows per year to my friends and family. And since we all have Free Will, you are certainly within your rights to create a container home as low cost as makes you happy. Sunset Magazine endorsed shipping container architecture at the beginning of this month when they unveiled the 2011 Sunset Idea House at their annual Celebration Weekend in Menlo Park.
Hybrid Architecture has been working on a series of shipping container modular building systems, which they call Cargotecture®. For the 2011 Sunset Idea House, Hybrid Architecture built the c192 Nomad, which is a 192 sq ft space with a galley kitchen, bathroom, built in storage, flex space and room for beds.
He has a passion for exploring and sharing tiny homes (from yurts and RVs to tiny cabins and cottages) and inspiring simple living stories.
I’m quite keen on both the exterior quirkiness and the supreme openess and light of the interior. One of my focuses has been on converting box trucks that will no longer be used on the road. The meeting faces could be removed and framed, which would effectively double the interior space.
Empty lots with good privacy are affordable, whereas lots with any technically-livable structure sell for ten times as much.
He goes into detail on his recommended interior wall method (wood 2×3 studs, and spray insulation). I kinda like the fact that the one featured on this page doesn’t attempt to hide its origins. Could someone close you inside with that mechanism with no release to let you out of there??? I had to bring my laptop to a computer expert, have him strip out the software and download my old browser.
Four cracked ribs, brutal blunt force trauma to my internal organs and a severely bruised hip bone. I have seen Mr sly here and there, but Alex took the dates off the postings, so some may be older, you can’t tell from when.
Designed by Seattle-based Hybrid Architecture and built by One Build in Klamath Falls, the compact modular house made from recycled shipping containers shows off small space living.
Relocatable, adaptable and compact, these modular homes can be used for backyard offices, guest rooms, extra living space or sustainable and smart housing. In this version of the Nomad, a pull out couch turns into a bed and a fold down wall unit becomes even more sleeping space.

The cut out container sides were used to create sliding exterior doors to close up the home when not in use. We invite you to send in your story and tiny home photos too so we can re-share and inspire others towards a simple life too.
If the engine is running poorly, you can get one inexpensively and limp it to a final resting spot on your land, where it will live to serve a new purpose.
The joint on the outside could be protected with a roll of instant roof (the best product ever), rendering it almost invisible. The bales sit on a gravel and rail road tie base and the stucco extends to the ground so rodents can’t get in.
The only thing that would bother me is the fact that the opening mechanisms for the shipping container doors are still on the outside. On my latest redo, I took out $15,000 of Kohler bathroom fixtures because the new owner HATED the Jet Black colour that the previous owner loved.
The bright yellow home is capable of sleeping up to four people, is powered by a rooftop solar system, and can easily be transported and relocated if necessary. The units are completely built in a factory then easily transported via truck for a one day installation on site. Finally, a solar system mounted on the roof of the container provides power for the hot water heater, kitchen stove, radiant heater and lighting.
I hate when there's only a limited amount of photos to inspire a person when 10 minutes more of taking photos could have supplied a more complete appreciation. I know that I deeply appreciate seeing both ends of the scale but I lean more heavily toward the upscale end of design because that’s what makes my family happy and we can afford it. Whether we outright purchase the items, barter for them, go to craigslist or Dumpster Dive, who knows what inspiration these high end homes can provide?
I sold them for $2,000.00 to my best friend who installed them in his own home this Winter. The c192 Nomad was on display in Menlo Park on June 4th and 5th and will also be shown at the Pacific Coast Builders Conference from June 22nd to the 24th.
Though by no means small these homes reused the containers and are a safe building alternative.
Hybrid Architecture is selling these completely built out housing units starting at $59,000. Cement pilings are poured with steel plates on top with the containers welded to the plates.

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