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Steel shipping containers make excellent storage units, perfect for everything including equipment, sporting goods, vehicles, supplies and overflow inventory. Shipping containers are made to stay dry and secure, safely protecting the cargo from damage on trans-oceanic voyages.
Check this video to see how you can add lighting, electrical, and storage shelves in order to convert your container into the perfect tool shed.
Once you’ve made the decision to get a shipping container for your storage needs, you can either get a brand new shipping container, find a used ocean shipping container for sale, or rent a storage container. Tip #4: Make sure the intended site has adequate drainag to avoid having your container settle and sink.
February 20, 2015 By Victoria Cheng Leave a Comment In Fall of 2014, we completed construction of Sea Container Cabin model OCTOPOD, our 1400 square foot space project in the outskirts of Toronto, Canada.
October 28, 2014 By Victoria Cheng Leave a Comment The local construction team specializes in framing and once you see the finished product, you’ll notice their attention to detail. If you have any questions regarding the progress of our Shipping Container Cabin, or any specific questions about techniques and materials used in our kits for sale, we’d love to speak with you so contact us! Octopod Construction Plans. This product includes the full set of construction plans for the Octopod. Octopod Materials Kit. The Octopod Materials Kit contains all the major construction materials required to build the Octopod.
Create a smaller URBAN model of an energy efficient off-grid Sea Container Cabin powered by renewable energy and an energy storage system. Test the various materials and methodologies we will consider for our 1400 square foot demonstration Sea Container Cabin project.
Determine whether the materials we tested meet our expectations for quality, ease of use, and will withstand our Canadian winters.
Design the space to also incorporate SCCC’s requirements as we anticipate they would love to access the space during their own community events.
Replicate the true feel of living or working in an off-grid space constructed of non-traditional materials for others to enjoy.
You may recognize Rebecca Purdy, an interior designer featured on HGTV’s Disaster DIY, Leave it to Bryan and House of Bryan. INTERIOR RIGHT: Feature TV wall of barn board, Blocks of beam material from main 1400 square foot Sea Container Cabin, Large round disc kitchen chopping block, Industrial tool chest placed in location of future kitchen cabinets. Now that our URBAN Showroom has served its purpose, we are happy to announce that there will be a new life for this retail space. Whether you’re looking for more backyard living space, an indestructible retail space, or a new house, cabin or cottage and whatever your motivation is for repurposing Shipping Containers into spaces or simply wanting more control of your power bills by living off-grid, we can help you get there. This shipping container was discovered upside down on the seafloor by researchers in June 2004, four months after it was lost at sea. Scientists surveying the bottom of the Pacific Ocean have discovered something they knew was there but had never seen before: a shipping container.

What nobody's really thought of before was the trash that we're leaving across the Pacific and other oceans every time we lose these containers. The audio and a previous Web version of this story incorrectly referred to Andrew DeVogelaere's first name as Peter. Dear User, Please use the drop downs below to locate your city by first selecting the country and then the state. Knowing what questions to ask before you commit to purchasing a Storage cargo container will save you some potential headaches, and help you find better quality Storage containers in better condition.A shipping cargo container makes a perfect temporary storage solution or mobile shelter and will always keep its resale value if you decide you dont need it anymore. A shipping container is built specifically to survive these extreme conditions and deliver cargo in pristine condition.
All you need is flat space with adequate drainage and enough room for the container to be off-loaded from the flatbed delivery truck – twice the length of your container.
Consider how long you expect to need the extra storage – it may actually be more expensive to rent one, and evaluate as best you can what size container you will need. Wood fired, constructed in the wedge between two containers with easy access to the water’s edge. So we’ll take a video to give you a better sense of what it feels like to live in this space. As of October 2014, the Shipping Container Cabin – Project Octopod has been completed. This product is intended for DIY shipping container cabin kit clients that would like to build their own Octopod. This is the brainchild of Scadding Court Community Centre (SCCC) whereby an under utilized stretch of Dundas Street West has been transformed into a vibrant outdoor marketplace increasing employment in the neighbourhood. The community centre has absorbed our off-grid space as their own and a new venture will be launched in Spring of 2015. All comments must follow the Community rules and terms of use, and will be moderated prior to posting.
We deal in any size of shipment, from less than container loads to full container loads, special equipment and oversize cargo.
If you still can not find your city in the list, please CLICK HERE to submit a request for inclusion of your city. These incredibly robust containers are designed with rigorous conditions and longevity in mind so you can be sure that your property will be safe and secure, free from water damage and pests.
Many containers can be moved by forklift from the side as well should it need to move a short distance.
Also – remember that if you buy a new or a used storage container for sale, the resale value is very good and you can get a great return on your investment.
And post some pictures of the final interior decorated by Rebecca Purdy from HGTV’s House of Bryan, Leave it to Bryan and DIY Disaster. Workbench offers the following products and services to help others develop their own shipping container cabins, cottages, homes or buildings.

The first Octopod project is under construction in Canada and serves as a demonstration facility for proof of concept and viewing by clients and customers. Her down to earth approach, belief in reusing materials from old barn boards to the tree trunk from the street next door and more importantly, our common ground in creating great living spaces using Shipping Containers and off-grid renewable energy was a perfect match. An entire team is in place driving this change and we are excited to follow their progress on our website so check back for updates on what this future space will hold. NPR reserves the right to use the comments we receive, in whole or in part, and to use the commenter's name and location, in any medium. With the use of advanced tracking facilities, we keep our clients informed about the status of the consignment during the transit.
A container on your own property is convenient, and if properly cared fort, maintains its value for resale, allowing you to recoup your investment. If you have any questions regarding this build, or any others we’ve been involved in, please send us a comment or you can always contact us.
Site specific design review (such as foundations) and custom design changes are available upon request under Consulting Services.
But now marine biologists have found one off the coast of California and have decided to study how it may affect sea life. Already, they've discovered that the container has become a new type of habitat on the muddy ocean floor, attracting its own suite of creatures.
Remember that the container size refers to the interior dimensions rather than the exterior and make any necessary allowances at the intended resting site for your container. Eventually, they tracked the container to the merchant vessel Med Taipei, which had lost 15 containers in a storm off Monterey Bay a few months earlier.
With such a wide range of storage container for sale either new or used, it’s easy to find just the right container for your needs. The Monterey Bay container appears to be safe, though a€” according to the shipping company, it's full of radial tires.
Biologists on a research ship in 2004 were scanning the seafloor in the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary with a robotic submarine. It was mile after mile of mud until, suddenly, the navigator's screen filled with the image of a bright yellow shipping container.
The sanctuary negotiated and the shipping company agreed to pay for a study of how the container might affect life at the sea bottom. That's a rough estimate a€” no one knows exactly what the number is, but it's clearly in the thousands every year. Submerged now for seven years, the container still looks new, and it has attracted a lot of sea life, like Neptunea, a large sea snail with big shell.

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