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Port Container Services supply refrigerated containers for sale and hire and other refrigerated container related products such as cool rooms and mobile refrigerated trailers.
Refrigerated storage containers are used for the transport or storage of volume goods - suitable for perishable cargo such as vegetables, fruit, meat, etc.
Port Container Services supply new refrigerated containers for sale, but we also stock used refrigerated containers for sale also.
We also have an refrigerated storage container hire option for those who are not looking to buy an refrigerated container outright.
Refrigerated containers come in two standard sizes - 20ft refrigerated containers and 40ft refrigerated containers.
Our refrigerated storage containers can be fitted with optional storage container accessories to add additional functionality. Below are the most common shipping containers for sale with types and approximate sizes, and a gallery of images of the popular shipping containers available. If you are buying a refrigerated container to export you must have a csc plate and more often a survey report by a registered container surveyor to present to the shipping line supporting that csc plate. Also make sure that you will have a service agent in the country of destination for the brand name and model of the machinery in your container. Converted ISO shipping containers offer a wide range of building types and configurations, which are only limited by the technical ability of the designer. They are individually very strong units that are capable of carrying payloads of 26 tons or more and supporting on top of them 9 other containers fully loaded! These capacities are well above any normal modular building requirement and the use of rust prohibiting Corten Steel in their construction now provides the container with a very much longer life span than other modular timber framed buildings and the ability to be positioned easily without a great deal of ground preparation and being remarkably cheap and readily available items, make them an ideal unit to be modified into units such as offices , toilets , accommodation , specialized storage, laboratory , workshops classrooms, canteens, studios etc etc. Widely used in the portable building, temporary site storage industry, the aesthetic appearance of a corrugated box has dampened the appeal of the greater use of them being applied to accommodation units on a wide scale, but the recent development and availability of a wide range of exterior claddings such as Brick Slips, Shiplap Boarding, Insulated Light Gauge Metal Panels, combined with the International concerns of Carbon Emissions and the need to recycle, has seen a stimulation of interest in the re-use of a used shipping container into converted modular units especially where speed, low cost and temporary solutions are required. Jubilee coalition leaders in Parliament have criticised opposition Cord leader Raila Odinga for asking Kenyans not to go to work on July 7. National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale and his Senate counterpart Kithure Kindiki said the former Prime Minister's declaration of a “national holiday” on that day was a violation of the law.

In statement, the two leaders said the powers to prescribe other public holidays only belonged to the Parliament and the Executive. According to Mr Odinga, July 7, also known as Saba Saba will be the day to “launch a revolution” to pressure the government to accede to the demands of the talks. On Saturday, the Jubilee leaders claimed that there has been “substantial violence, death and destruction of property” in instances where Mr Odinga “has chosen confrontation and anarchy,” adding that he had never taken responsibility for them.
This came as Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph ole Lenku warned organisers of the planned rallies that they would be held personally responsible in the event that they are chaos leading to loss life or property. Mr Lenku also said attempts to establish a government contrary to the manner prescribed in the Constitution would be dealt with. Dr Jerono Phylis Rotich, a native of Kenya and professor at North Carolina A&T State University, has received two awards for her outstanding leadership.
Starting March 15th, 2016, USA Permanent Residents visiting or transiting through Canada by air will be required to have an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) prior to traveling.
Why are Kenyans in the US isolating themselves from their own community, living like loners and sometimes even dying without anyone knowing about it? We have experienced staff waiting for your call to answer any questions relating to refrigerated storage containers, and chances are we have a container depot close to your location. Our used refrigerated storage containers are refurbished to near new conditions, though we also have refrigerated containers straight off the stack at competitive prices. We can deliver a 20ft refrigerated container or 40ft refrigerated container for hire directly to your door, and they are available for long or short term hire. We develop specialised storage container products such as Site Sheds, Portable Workshops, Dangerous Goods Storage Containers and Accommodation Units.
I hope they will come to us before the D-Day,” Mr Odinga reportedly said on Friday in Migori, western Kenya, during the first of the planned rallies.
We supply new and used refrigerated containers to Councils, The Defence Force, Government Departments and also the general public. For more information fill in our instant online quote form to your left and recieve a competitive storage container quote today.

If you are looking to buy a refrigerated storage container, or would just like to know more about refrigerated containers, request a free refrigerated storage container quote and also read the below information on refrigerated storage containers. A Our refrigerated containers come in two sizes and we can also offer single phase refrigerated containers as well as our standard 3 phase refrigerated containers. Fact : He is a servant of his western masters and before he returned to Kenya after his nearly three months political sojourn in the USA,he received lots of cash in form of a check which was written to AFRICOG ostensibly to conceal the purpose of the funds which was to organize mass action in Kenya and destabilize the Kenyan government because unless Raila wins there is no democracy or a winner - It has to be him and him alone.
He has an obsession of whining,complaining and crying every time he loses a battle AND it does not matter whether that battle is political or otherwise.He thinks he has a monopoly of good socio-political ideas and fails to interrogate himself every time he loses.
He thinks that the masses love him because they turn out in big numbers to listen to his vitendawili,incitements and all other political crap. Personally,my advise to all who turn up to listen to this lad is to ask yourselves if and only if Raila adds any added necessary value to their lives? The rationale should also be if he will put food on the table for their families when they answer his call of not going to work on Saba Saba. Look at the youth in Kibera for example.How many bullets have they taken on behalf of this inciter? Regretably,he left Kibera worse than he found it after being the Member of Parliament for 20 years and five of those with his nusu mkate in his selfish and greedy hands. He stole the Kazi Kwa Vijana funds to use on his failed and third shot at the highest office in Kenya - The Presidency. One person knows Raila better than myself - Miguna Miguna and that is why I bought myself a copy of his Peeling Back The Mask book because I wanted to know who this goon is. Unfortunately for this lad,losing the Presidency once would be a coincidence ,but three times is indeed a pattern - HE CAN NEVER WIN,SABA SABA OR NOT.

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