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Portable storage containers, sometimes referred to as conex containers, cargo containers, portable containers, office containers, or shipping containers are ideal solutions for long term, secure storage. A standard portable storage container, directly purchased from a shipping line, will normally be 20 feet or 40 feet long, and have doors on one end. Modified Storage containers can also be found to better meet your needs.A  The most common modifications are having man doors or roll up doors added, or a fresh coat of paint. Used on site where security is a concern, these robust heavy duty steel lock ups are virtually impregnable.

20' x 8' steel shipping containers with steel personnel doors in centre that can be linked together to create a larger space.
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In some cases, desk or rack space can be added, along with basic electric wiring to provide lighting or power for tools. The price for this type of container is very straight forward and you will only need to pay for the container and any delivery charges.

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