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Home Depot plastic storage tote review – be sure and get the Rubbermaid RoughNeck brand.
I ended up going to Home Depot to get some plastic storage totes and ended up buying slightly more expensive Rubbermade Roughneck brand containers - they are clearly the best! I was recently looking at several of the ads that came in my Sunday newspaper and in particular is looking at Home Depot, Lowes and some other stores for plastic storage totes. I noticed that the Home Depot and Lowes had the lowest priced ones for around four dollars or so for 18 to 20 gallon capacity plastic storage tote.
So I went to Home Depot to go and pick up some of these mocha or cappuccino colored plastic storage totes. So I looked around and I finally came upon a slightly smaller plastic storage tote with the Rubbermaid roughneck brand.

I knew just by the feel and look of the Roughneck plastic storage totes that these were the right ones to use for my children’s toys and for frequently used storage items. In the end I ended up paying probably almost twice for the Rubbermaid roughneck brand plastic storage totes, but I am very pleased and I’m sure these will last many many years.
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