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When you’re looking in the middle portions of the country they begin to become a little more difficult to come by.
Shipping containers have proven to be a versatile and durable product finding their way into many new applications. If you have had little success looking at the local intermodals you may want to try some less obvious spots like Craigslist and Ebay.
Performing an InspectionAlthough not always possible, it’s a good idea to look at any containers that you’re going to buy. This may present a problem if the container is stored at an intermodal or container yard as they tend to be very busy places.
Containers, they’re not just for shipping anymore! Where to find containers?Whether you’re looking for a container that is a new single crossing unit, a solid cargo worthy unit, a wind and weather tight unit or an “as is” container, they tend to be easier to find in some locations than others.

Here you can find additional information on inspecting your containerGetting a Quote Generally you will get a verbal quote and occasionally a written one.
As you would guess, they are very easy to locate along the coasts especially in the large port cities like New York, LA, Norfolk, and Seattle.
They are also easy to come by in areas like Chicago, Baton Rouge and usually plentiful in industrial areas like Cleveland, Detroit, and St.
You will pay the most for a single crossing unit and the least for an “as is” unit so know what kind of unit you are buying. Remember, one person’s cargo worthy unit is another person’s wind and weather tight; understand that this is a subjective grading system.
Renting If you only need the container for 18 months less than rental may be a good option for you.

Shipping and ReceivingWhen the day of delivery arrives, pick out a dry and level spot that drains well. Have your site clear of equipment and vehicles; there is nothing worse than looking for the owner of a car when the clock on the delivery truck is ticking.
Make sure the driver knows how you want the container loaded, doors to cab or doors to the rear based on your site and how the delivery vehicle will access it .

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