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While I can’t do anything about Tim Geithner, cell mutation or middle age, I can do something about plastic food containers.
I think this etched tempered glass casserole dish looks as nice now as when my grandmother used it back in her 1950s kitchen in Cailfornia's San Joaquin Valley. Recycling doesn’t compromise glass’ quality or structure and no toxins are produced in it’s recycling. A move to glass storage marks a raised consciousness—arguably glass’ most valuable environmental benefit. Reduce food waste—clear containers let you see what’s in the fridge and use up leftovers before they go bad. Let you safely check food as it reheats—glass’ clarity allows you to see what’s happening without removing lids. Wash-up faster and cleaner—you can safely pop glass into your dishwasher and cleanse at high temperatures. Oven-proof, freezer-safe tempered glass so you can move food from freezer to stove—or oven to fridge—without danger of cracked or broken glass. Square or rectangular shapes that allow containers to stack easily, pack close together and take up less space in fridge.
Attractive design: Whether you like clean-lined modern classics or funky vintage glass, you’ll find plenty of eye-pleasing designs now that glass containers are on your radar screen. Kmart: I outfitted my kitchen with two sets of Martha Stewart 14-piece ovenware and storage sets, see photo above, and her Everyday lidded glass bowls for under $60. Ikea: Those environmentally progressive, design-for-the-masses Swedes purvey very nice glass food storage containers.
Flea markets and garage sales are a fun way to unearth fabulous bargains on vintage Pyrex and etched glass food storage containers.
Your writing is so pithy and fabulous that I am intimidated by the potential of my own poor prose as I write this comment. Coincidentally, I just nabbed a few small vintage Corning glass containers with GLASS tops! I did this about two years ago — chucked all the plastic, and fell into the vintage-pyrex-ebay hole. In the meantime, I use a jury-rigged system for tops: small bread-and-butter plates or saucers. I am guessing that Corning and Pyrex are not making an effort to supply replacement lids so that I will buy a completely new set of containers. I also use and like these MS glass containers (got mine at Kmart as well), but have cracked and cracking lids (and one that won’t lose its mold smell from some pineapple that got moldy currently soaking in diluted bleach).

Rubbermaid plastic food storage containers with lids - Crystal clear and stain resistant, the rubbermaid premier food storage containers 28-piece set keeps food fresh and stays looking beautiful. These containers feature leak-proof lids with an easy to use OnePress Seal that keeps food fresh longer. After months of procrastination, I took action and bought enough quality lidded glass containers to store and freeze all our family’s food and leftovers. I believe once you understand the benefits of glass food storage, you’ll come around from the dark side of plastic food tubs and petrochemical Ziplock bags.
I enjoy the nostalgia stirred by glass kitchenware: I always loved my grandmother’s teal, cherry red and forest green Pyrex nesting bowls. But I often roll Grandma S.’s casserole dish from fridge to stove to table—even for guests, see photo, below. Scientists no longer ask if toxic substances migrate from plastic to food during microwave heating. Glass’ non-porous surface doesn’t absorb food and germs and it can be safely washed at high temperatures in your dishwasher.
Your investment in glass helps you move from a throw-away mind-set to a more sustainable sensibility. Because glass is usually more expensive than plastic, at first glance, it seems a switch to glass will be more costly. Warning: Vintage glass can become an addictive hobby—and Ebay is the Mecca for hobbyists of every stripe. It really makes a difference to have the lids fit tightly, the containers stack easily–and to have enough containers on hand. They are attractive enough to use as serving pieces for family dinners–last night I moved them right from fridge to table.
I’m not sure whether they are temporarily out of stock or have stopped carrying the set altogether.
I still feel, however, that glass containers with plastic lids make a better option than all plastic.
As mentioned in my post, I also find old Pyrex glass storage containers with glass lids at garage sales and flea markets–ultimate recycling! But it does add to my aggregated anxiety—along with the economy, cancer and those lines on my neck. Her etched glass casserole dishes, see photo below, were and are—I inherited them—a pleasure to the senses. Try searching for “vintage Pyrex,” “vintage glass casserole,” “vintage covered glass dish”—those are just a few of my obsessions.

Well, except for my boyfriend’s fear of all those things in the back of the fridge in mason jars (what?
As mentioned above, you can sometimes find Pyrex and all-glass vintage containers cheaply in thrift shops, garage sales and on ebay. My husband uses plastic wrap which I loath–I have one roll of plastic wrap that I expect will last a lifetime.
I don’t fill containers to the brim nor nuke with plastic lids, so my food is not in contact with the plastic. Because I have no one to please but myself, I also have been doing a lot of food shopping with glass jars in mind. I have found Smucker’s large size peanut butter in a great jar, jellies, mango juice imported from Mexico in glass carafe-type bottles with a wide mouth.
You can store Bolognese in glass one day and put whipped cream in it the next—with no fear of garlicky after notes or greasy red stains.
They ask far too many questions and provide too few reassuring answers, as far as I’m concerned. And food reheated in glass—whether in a conventional oven or microwave—tastes superior to victuals nuked in plastic. I saw some great, huge pickle jars, but passed because it would take me a year to eat them all. In the meantime, I prefer to play it safe if not in my house of glass—in a  kitchen crammed with glass containers. You won’t find plastic’s steamy greenhouse effect—and food has a less soupy consistency and watery mouth feel. All of these have metal screw-on lids except for a neat juice bottle from the 70’s I got in a thrift store. For lost tops, I have found that wax paper and rubber bands work on any size container, and while it might look like something out of the 50’s, it works, and the wax paper can be washed with the dishes and reused. And don’t forget that stainless steel is a great product for kitchen storage and cooking. Dollar stores often have mason jars, stainless steel bowls, and ceramic and glass mixing and storage containers.

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