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Does drinking water from plastic bottles that have been left in a warm car increase your risk of getting cancer? For many years, people have been circulating hoax emails claiming that drinking water from plastic bottles can cause cancer, especially if they have been left in cars, or frozen and reused. There is no clear evidence that fluoridated drinking water increases cancer risk, however there is very good evidence of its benefits in reducing tooth decay, which is a major public health problem.
Do plastic containers release a chemical that causes cancer when they are heated or frozen?
Most plastic water a€?bottlesa€™ (the kind you get in the 24-pack flats, etc.), and the plastic of soda and juice containers, are made from #1 PETE, and are apparently BPA-free nowadays (based on what Ia€™ve discovered online about this subject).
I have spent a-lot of time researching the general subject of various plastics versus their apparent safety for food and water, and there is a-lot of opinion and passion about it. Having said that, I have come to my own conclusions about how to best deal with the possibility of a€?bada€™ chemicals leaching into the water in which ita€™s stored. Regarding #1 plastic, the fact that it is thinner (than #2) makes it less than ideal for long term water storage.
For example, if you leave a plastic water bottle in your hot car, then drink it after it has been sitting there for a time, chances are you will taste a bit of plastic.

Regarding #2 plastic, even though it may be considered food grade, given the controversy surrounding long term effects of leaching, it makes sense to rotate your water sooner rather than later. My opinion is that if youa€™re storing water for long term, and if using plastic containers, you should use #2 HDPE food grade.
When it comes to SHTF survival, the issues of long term effects from (the possibility) of leaching (even though the plastic is considered food grade) is miniscule in comparison to the need for water itself. They found in the 1980`s 20 Liters german Jerry Cans (of WWII.) in the Sahara Desert, North Africa, under the sand. A few drops of bleech in a bucket of water i am told does the trick but you need to let it stand for an hour. If you need warning about the effects of drinking too much bleech then you are already past saving I am sorry to say. Freezing water bottles or other plastic containers does not cause chemicals to be released.
Some people claim that hydrogen peroxide, taken by mouth or injected into a vein, can treat cancer.
By the way, ita€™s difficult to get all the milk a€?stuffa€™ and flavor out if you choose to reuse a milk jug for water storage.

In addition, I have discovered that #1 plastic will more readily leach a a€?plastica€™ taste into the water if it is heated up in any way a€“ especially over time. I am suspecting it was the chemical reaction of the plastic bottle and near boiling water inside it as the cause. Many of these emails credit the warnings to Johns Hopkins University or the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, but both institutions have denied any involvement. If you were lucky you could get the fresh batch of water as it arrived but the water still may have been sitting under the sun at its original storage site. The emails also claim that heating, freezing or reusing plastic water bottles releases chemicals from the plastics that could cause cancer, including dioxins. All in all, water in plastic bottles should be safe to drink, and no less so than water in metal bottles or any other type of container. However, bacteria and fungi can grow in bottled water, so if they have been left for a long time, it is best to clean them out with hot, soapy water, and leave them to dry before refilling them.

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