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I have several Lego sets and I usually build them and then make them small enough so they fit back in the box for long term storage . I'm a big fan of Simon Sheehan's answer, and use a bunch of those myself for a lot of those small "technic" LEGO pieces.
These clear tilt-out storage bins are stackable and sturdy and just about perfect to catalog your pieces by shape.
Some of the standard 4-2 bricks, 4-1 bricks, 2-2 bricks are too plentiful, in which case I just have a simple plastic pullout drawer for those. I've recently purchased quite a few of these tip-out bins from Global, and they are VERY nice. My only issue with the drawers is that I've knocked those over and had to resort the contents before! That yellow organizer case you have on the right in the top picture, that seems to be a nice thing.
Those wall-mounted plastic bins in the second example are actually used in professional LEGO model workshops. An old bed-sheet can be used to create a sack that both stores the Lego bricks and doubles as a play mat. The only downsides are that some bricks can be hard to find against the sheet (depending on colour) and there's zero organisation.

I use 3 drawer stackable Sterilite 8.5"x11"x2" labeled drawers and store the elements by shape, not by color.
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This functional 4 drawer tower unit provides a practical storage solution thats ideal for keeping your home tidy and clutter free.
All sizes and measurements are approximates only, but we do try to make sure that they are as accurate as possible. These storage cabinets are ideal for fasteners, nuts, bolts, nails, artifacts, small plastic parts, computer parts, and all types of hardware.
I stacked the small parts like this AND THEN put them in a storage bin as described in other questions. Take an inventory of what pieces you have - whatever you have a large number of, fill a container with an appropriately sized bin for that many pieces. You're constantly opening and closing drawers since the thing becomes unstable with more than one open at a time.

As a child, this is how my parents stored our Lego and it meant we never had a difficult task when it came time to pack it away. Inbetween builds I try to organise the different elements in the drawers in "sticks" in order to best use the space. We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right. In a high gloss finish, with crystal clear drawers this medium tower will add a smart and stylish finish to any room within your home.
Do you store them by size and color or just dump them all into bins and let the creativity happen? From there I purchased a plastic storage container from an IKEA type location, that had multiple bins that slid in.
With durable, soft gliding drawer this unit is perfect for storing CD's, DVD's and other small items. Completely modular (drawers from any of the similar storage systems can be added on, swapped out and rearranged).

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