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A visionary leader and a master executioner Mr Nair foresaw the potential in logistics industry and determined to diversify the company's activities in various logistic sectors.
Mr Iqbal Hussain Qazi is a leading businessman especially dealing with steel and steel products. Jaison George is the Director-Logistics and one of the senior most members of LCL founding team. Prior to moving into this important portfolio, he was in-charge of LCL's North India business. Prior to joining in LCL Logistix, Mr Jaison associated with Maersk Line locations in India and has an extensive experience in various departments of Shipping Lines. Prior moving to LCL he was associated with CFS, Conware (Punjab State Container & Warehousing Corporation) as it's first Chief Manager and had a major contribution in the growth of the CFS.

Prior moving to Conware, he was associated with Shipping Line CMB (Container Maritime Belgium) and also with Central Warehousing Corporation in various capacities. Mr Murthy is a Graduate in Chemistry and a Post Graduate in English Literature from Andhra University..
Mr Shreinik Shah is a leading businessman especially dealing with steel and steel products. Step up to Lasko's 3-Speed Weather Shield Performance Box Fan and enjoy the benefits of the Wind Ring system, featuring an exclusive grill design that focuses the air movement to increase its velocity. Ltd and one of the senior members in the company who participated in the growth of logistic activities in Western Region. This high-performance fan runs on three quiet speeds and includes the exclusive Weather-Shield motor, making it safe to use in windows.

According to the product description -Save-Smart design costs less than 2-cents per hour to run. Lightweight and easy to carry, it costs just two cents an hour to operate, helping you save on energy costs without sacrificing power.

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