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A Dangerous Goods (DG) is a substance or material, which has been determined to be capable of posing a risk to health, safety, and property when transported in commerce. Everything associated with Dangerous Goods is strictly regulated: the shipping documents, labeling, packing, marking etc.
Most international ocean freight carriers will NOT approve dangerous goods other than IMO Classes 3, 8 & 9. PACKING GROUP - grouping according to the degree of danger presented by hazardous materials. For more info related to HAZMAT regulations in the USA please refer to 49 CFR Parts 100 – 185. Notice: International moving companies most likely will not accept responsibilities on shipping Hazardous Materials.
Shipping Container Dimensions & SizesApril 23, 2015 by tamaraComments are offit turns out not all containers are exactly the same size.

Also, it’s interesting that if you search for “Shipping container dimensions or Shipping container sizes” you don’t get a straight answer. Different manufacturers use different materials for constructing their containers, so some containers will have larger internal dimensions than others, but using the chart below you can be assured of the minimum dimensions for a container. 40’ containers however are 40’ in length and have the same height and width dimension as 20’ containers. The external dimensions of containers are specified in ISO 668, with the maximum dimensional tolerances being ± 10 mm. An equivalent term, used almost exclusively in the United States, is Hazardous Material (HAZMAT). The UN number is a four-digit number assigned to a potentially hazardous material (such as gasoline, UN 1203) or class of materials (such as corrosive liquids, UN 1760). The reason for that is that the ISO standard for container sets the external dimensions, but only a MINIMUM for internal dimensions.

Hazardous international ocean freight shipments may require more transit time than regular export or import from or to the USA. Firefighters and other emergency response personnel use these numbers during transportation emergencies. To allow for stacking of 20’ and 40’ containers with a small space in between the 20’ containers. Internal container dimensions vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but they must satisfy the minimum criterion below.
Oxidizing substances (agents) by yielding oxygen increase the risk and intensity of fireClass 5.2.

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