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Whatever it is you're planning on building here, this Tuftex clear corrugated plastic roof panel as well as this Tuftex opaque corrugated plastic roof panel certainly would be a good way to go. Over at Lowes home improvement store you can find a whole range of these Tuftex corrugated panels in clear, opaque, white, beige, brown and grey to mention a few options.If you're looking to building something where you want a roofing protection over your head but you don't want to block any of the sunlight (like if you're building some type of greenhouse structure), then going for the clear panel would be a good choice.

On the other hand if you're building something where you do want the sun to be blocked a bit (perhaps you're building a cover for your patio and you don't want the sun to come down too hard) then I think you could go with something a bit darket.

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