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These are two officially listened water bottles themed by the popular video games: Portal and Portal 2. Additionally, if you need other Portal inspired gadgets, you might like to check Portal tissue box and Portal LED flashlights. A common complaint about traditional stainless steel water bottles is the inappropriate feel both in hands when holding and on the lips when sipping. Vida is unbelievably lightweight, features a curved bottom for easy dishwasher cleaning and thread-less spout delivers a superior tactile sensation when sipping. KOR One Black : Black Is The New Gold We’re not sure why, but designers have some special attraction to black color. All words & pictures are copyright © 1997-2016, Gun Dog Supply or their respective owners.

So if you want a Portal way to enjoy your favorite beverage, let’s go on checking Portal Aperture stainless steel water bottles. The two water bottles are made of stainless steel, and as we can see from the images, each stainless steel water bottle features an iconic Aperture Laboratories logo and the warn label on reverse side about the dangers of dihydrogen monoxide originated from Portal and Portal 2 video games, while the striking color scheme undoubtedly shows your love to the game. KOR Water has addressed this issue with an innovative reusable water bottle design Vida, a reusable water bottle that features unique aesthetics and ergonomics with affordable luxury. The convenient handle not only offers a unique way of carrying the bottle, also complements to the overall look of the vessel.
Perhaps this is one of the reasons why KOR Water once again teamed up with RKS design to develop KOR One […]KOR Vida Hydration Vessel Review About KOR Vida Hydration Vessel – Wow, we just love the sturdiness and beauty of steels. Update; the bottle has also been out of stock at Valve Store, but you can contact with Valve for further info.

The aesthetical beauty along with functional usability of Vida delivers superior tactical engagement and a universally appropriate design to be used at office, gym, car, home, leisure or on-the-go.
To be frank enough, we became big aficionados of Kor’s ultramodern looking water bottles or […]Convenient Pail Redesigns Water Dispenser Bottle For Easier Handling Our typical water dispenser bottles are difficult to handle not to mention carry.

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