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Wan Hai Lines, and check out Wan Hai Lines on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet.
FCL COMMERCIAL CARGO (Full Container Load): Shipping entire containers that contain a commercial cargo. In international shipping using ocean freight service, LCL is an abbreviation for "Less than Container Load". If you are a commercial shipper and your international shipment is considerable small, i.e. If you are shipping Household Goods or Personal effects, then there are many advantages in using the LCL ocean freight service offered by direct or indirect international shipping companies (Freight Forwarders, NVOCCs, VOCCs) VS. When you share a 40 foot sea freight container with one or more exporters, you pay ONLY for the space used in the container, but NOT for the entire container. As a rule transit time on your international shipment will be the same or even less as if you would ship a full ocean freight container. If you self-deliver your boxed cargo to international shipping company's ocean freight shipping terminal, you may request to palletize your loose boxes into one or more shipping units at the shipping terminal. You can ship motorized vehicle using our sea freight service for shipping vehicles in containers or Ro-Ro, but LCL.
However, even drained motor parts may be considered dangerous goods by the steamship line (VOCC) when cargo is delivered to the origin shipping terminal for the international shipment from US.
If motor parts are considered dangerous goods by the steamship line then additional documents related to shipping dangerous goods must be provided and hazardous surcharges apply.
International ocean freight shipping rates may be ALL-IN (all-inclusive) or to be subject to surcharges related to a particular origin-destination country. Important!: Do not confuse total shipping cost on your international shipment with an ocean freight rate obtained from an international shipping company in an ocean freight quote provided.
Typically international LCL sea freight rates offered by international shipping companies on EXPORT cargo from the USA include origin charges, but do not include destination charges. International ocean freight shipping rates offered by international shipping companies on IMPORT to the USA may not include charges at origin as well.
As a rule, origin charges at CFS are included in the international ocean freight rate. Be prepared to pay destination charges at the destination upon arrival of your ocean freight to the destination. However, in order to use the international LCL ocean freight service all your shipping items must be properly boxed or crated and labeled for shipping purpose.
An international ocean freight freight forwarder should guide shipper in complexity of international shipment's procedures.
Notice: some countriers require proforma commercial invoices for international personal shipments as well. Laws allow to your consignee working on the cargo recovery directly with your destination county's customs and other parties related to your international ocean freight shipment. When built the Shipping Container Homes Australia website will be the biggest and most comprehensive website on Shipping Container Homes in Australia.

Shipping container home are also known as cargo shipping container homes, cargo container homes, container house, container ship homes, ship container homes, shipping container accommodation, storage container homes and more. We will list every supplier of Shipping Container Homes in Australia and even the International companies who supply to Australia.
Specific information (including the cost of shipping container homes) for container homes in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. We also have sponsorship from major brands who have agreed to fantastic discounts on common building materials, including cargo shipping containers, Insulation, Electricals, Power Tools, Solar Power etc. In a nutshell, every person who desires to have a stylish, affordable and eco conscious home.
People who want a solid and stylish home for under $600 per sqm, not $1200 like most builders charge. If you would like us to email you when we make the site live, please fill out the form below and Shipping Container Homes Australia will get back to you with our new site ASAP.
If your opinion of the best shipping container home is based on style, work with a designer to create the exact look you are after.
The best shipping container home is truly opinion based so do your research and make a list of what is important to you. Get updated when we add new content by leaving your details below,We promise to only ever send you emails directly relating to Shipping Container Homes. At the beginning, Wan Hai's business was mainly on the log transportation among Taiwan, Japan and the Southeast Asia. This international shipping term is commonly used to describe an international ocean freight service that designed for shipping boxed, crated or palletized cargo that cannot fill an entire 20 or 40 foot sea freight container. Since international cargo vessels capacity is not in fact limited by weight of cargo, but by hold of the ship, in general WEIGHT IN INTERNATIONAL LCL SHIPPING IS NOT A PRICING FACTOR (you may find more about dimensional weight in ocean freight and inland (LTL) trucking in our website). Violations to these regulations can result in detention, confiscation, or destruction of cargo, as well as fines and criminal charges. Department of Motor Vehicles) registration (auto, motorcycles, mopeds, jet skis, ATV’s) will not be permitted to an international shipment from US as LCL freight. Freight cost per a motorized vehicle should be equal to freight cost of shipping a mid-size car, but always must be re-confirmed upon a booking request. International transportation company (freight forwarder, NVOCC, international moving company) or shipping line (SSL, VOCC)  will not be held responsible for any delays or difficulties resulting from the failure to properly drain fluids or arrange proper packing prior to shipping, nor for additional charges incurred as a result thereof.
Refer to samples of calculations of total shipping costs on Export and Import cargo to and from the USA below.
These charges are payable to the destination station (CFS - Container Freight Station, international ocean freight carrier's receiving terminal). If the destination agent is a CFS itself, then this charge can be included in a Port of entry CFS release. Covers express mail for payments and shipping documents transfers in order to get an entry and entry summary within a time slot allowed by U.S. However, it is shipper's responsibility to provide all necessary shipping documents related to his international ocean freight shipment that required by origin and destination countries officials.

However, having a complete Valued Packing List submitted at origin, upon destination customs request, you will be able easy to transfer your Valued Packing List into a proforma commercial invoice required by the customs.
Fumigation Certificate– Certification that cargo and packing materials were fumigated after cargo had been containerized and is free of infestation. FCL ocean freight (Full Container Load): International Shipping of entire seafreight containers with Household Goods and Personal effects (No motor vehicles).
International shipping of cars and other types of motor vehicles (small boats, motorcycles, jets etc) consolidated in multimodal ocean freight containers.
International shipping RO-RO: Shipping cars, trucks, trailers, boats, heavy equipment etc from the USA overseas.
Not only that but all of the information will be practical and extremely useful for anyone who is thinking about, planning on or in the process of building a Shipping Container Home.
In 1976, in order to respond to the rapid development of international trade in the Asia Pacific area and the trend of international transportation containerization, Wan Hai has entered the business of container vessel shipping. Shipping rates and procedures for commercial cargo are different from international shipping of Household Goods and Personal effects. SHIPPING COSTS IN INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING MAY NOT INCLUDE ORIGIN AND OR DESTINATION CHARGES.
This is due to US Customs Regulations that will not recognize any ocean freight carrier's warehouse as an exam site for inspection.
Notice that this rule may not apply if you are using shipping service from an international moving company. However, an international moving company may send to you a surveyor, estimate packing cost and provide total pricing for your international shipment.
Depending on destination ocean freight carrier's station policy it varies between 7 to 14 days. IMPORTANT!: Shipping rates and procedures are different from international shipping of Household Goods and Personal effects.
See samples of total shipping costs calculations on Import or Export to or from the USA below.
International moving companies may provide to you all-in service for a shipping cost including all charges related to your international shipment.
Make sure that contact information of consignee initially provided in your booking request and transffered to your international ocean freight bill of lading is correct and valid. You must NOT use this pricing schedule on international shipping of Household Goods and Personal effects. Government-related charges, which in general consist of a Customs Bond, Merchandise fee, and Harbor Maintenance Fee.

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