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For that reason, most people want to design a living room or family room in attractive designs and schemes. Walls can be painted with interior cool colors paint, you can also put wallpaper or mural on the wall of the living room.Another idea is by adding floating shelves that shows the modern living room. We can design a room in a modern monochromatic color and combine it with modern style furniture that is simple.

Just simple shelving units or cabinets that is perfect for modern living room.Now, with the unique floating shelves that hang perfectly, in addition to functioning as an aesthetic, owners can also use it as a functional storage containers of goods such as bookcases, glasses, the display of plants and so forth. To make it look more unique, you should use a shelves installation forms an unusual and not too symmetrical because it can create the impression of stiff. Try to make a twig shaped shelves, circular shaped dots, squares or shapes with irregular pattern and so on.
After you placed your floating shelves Ikea, do not forget to keep the treatment, do not put any too heavy objects there, just keep stuff that can boost your room impression.

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