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After building half of a car using this method, I'm pretty confident about how tough it is. Suddath offers portable storage containers in Atlanta, GA, Jacksonville, FL and Portland, OR. Shipping container homes are growing in popularity as more people want an affordable, sustainable option. Affordability: Compared with all other types of housing, shipping container homes are the best value and cheapest. Green: Using one or multiple shipping containers to build with is an excellent method of reusing. Energy Efficient: Container homes are also very energy efficient in almost any environment with some creative and inexpensive design. Strong: Another very powerful incentive for creating your home from shipping containers is strength. Design: They can be very stylish and you can modify and join them in ways which are very difficult with traditional building materials.
Exterior View: Most of the homes that are made from shipping containers, do not look like a shipping container at all. Time: From the time you order the raw containers to the time it is ready to live in can be as little as 1 month. Tiny Homes or Luxurious Mansions: With shipping containers, you can build any sized homes, whether you want to build a tiny house or a luxurious mansion, it doesn't matter. Upgrade: With container homes you can easily upgrade an existing home by simply adding another 40? container which adds an instant 320? square feet onto your total living space.
Alternatives and creativity: Shipping container construction is the new craze in modern architecture.
In 2005, in order to get rid of the high rental costs, I began to consider building my own home and search for alternatives to do it on a small budget.
A luxury home doesn’t always necessarily mean thousands of square footage, towering great rooms and gilded toilets.
As I mentioned I had a really very small budget, so I wasn't planning to build a mansion, but a small warm home for my family, and the shipping container architecture was what I was looking for. After completing my second container home project, people who knew us began to ask us to help them with their own container home projects. Just imagine thetime we spent for not only finding and gathering all of these information together, but for testing and improving them! You can build your own container home, or even you can start your own container home construction business. What we are offering is all the information we have learned from years of experience and hard work, plus many readily made projects, plans and designs, all in one place.
With this package, you will own 4 amazing books containing information gathered in years of experience.
When you start building your own container home, you will see that this package worths hundreds, even thousands of dollars. In our main "BUILD YOUR OWN SHIPPING CONTAINER HOME - STEP BY STEP COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE" book, you will find detailed information in more than 180 topics about container home building process, container home design, how to plan, design and build your own container home and everything and more you will need to know about container homes. It is a do it yourself and architectural design reference book for converting recycled cargo shipping containers into green homes and buildings.
With our books in your possession, there’s virtually NO LIMIT to what you can build. You will find everything you need to know about building your own container home, with step by step and detailed explanations.
This isn't a book written by an amateur guy, but it is written systematically by professional builders, covering all the topics you will need, and all the information that is obtained with hard work and years of experience. Simply put, "BUILD YOUR OWN SHIPPING CONTAINER HOME, STEP BY STEP COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE" contains everything you need to start building your own container home or other projects - and with zero frustration or wasted money.
In our "SUPERB CONTAINER HOME PLANS & PROJECTS" book, we have collected for you the most amazing shipping container homes ever built from all over the world, including the ones that have most influenced the container home market, moving container based construction closer towards mainstream acceptance.
This is a 280+ page full color digital book showcasing total 60 shipping container homes from all over the world. This is a 56 page book, consisting of a real life experince of a person who built a container house with her friends.
This is an amazing home design planner application, which helps you draw the plan of your house, arrange furniture on it and visit the results in 3D. In this PROFESSIONAL PACKAGE, you will be getting an ENORMOUS guide consisting over 1100 pages!
215+ pages in ‘BUILD YOUR OWN SHIPPING CONTAINER HOME, STEP BY STEP COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE’ book. With this package, you will find everything (and more) you need to build your own container home or other projects, or to start your own building business - and with zero frustration or wasted money! Whether you are wanting to build now or just tossing ideas around, I guarantee this package will be very useful to you.

How much would you pay for a complete guide consisting over 1100 pages, to never waste money and spend hours finding out how to build a container home, what is the easiest way, how to plan and design, how to determine the budget, how to purchase containers, how to have them delivered, how to find out about the pre-purchase inspection, how to create a floor plan and site layout, how to deal with insulation, how to build footings and foundation, how to deal with doors, windows, heaters and insulation, roofs, painting, and a lot more answers and solutions to all of the questions about the process, and at the same time find out what other people did, and own a lot of readily made floor plans and projects ? For less than 30 bucks you can save a ton of money and countless hours of frustration on your projects.
We guarantee that our books will help you build your own container home projects easily with zero frustration or wasted money. You've probably read testimonials like these before and you're probably still skeptical on how good these books really are? It took us 10 years to compile, test and perfect our knowledge of container architecture and gather the best plans and projects.
The price has been reduced to just $27 for a short time only and it will increase very soon. Over the past few years, there has been a new trend mounting in the preparedness community.
The first thing that you should know about shipping containers is that they were built to be stacked on boats, trains, or other transportation vehicles.
Another factor that you need to consider is what you will do with all of the waste and trash that you produce while you are inside your bunker. If you are still really determined to use a shipping container as an underground bunker, here is what you need to know. Don’t forget that there is a lot of work involved in creating an underground shelter from a shipping container. I think it would be perfect for a hangout place for friends and family to come over on the weekends to just relax and unwind.
We recommend selecting Residential (Self-Paid) Move to speak with one of our full service move coordinators. Building homes, shelters, and survival bunkers from recycled shipping containers is a very economical and efficient way, and a fast, green, and sustainable approach to build your home. If you really need a home, and want to get rid of paying rent every month, but lack the funds to buy a new concrete or pre-fab one, container homes might be right up your alley. The metal is so cohesive to the ceramic insulation paints they are #1 in energy efficiency. You can use shipping containers to build full- and part-time single-family homes and much more. After a long desperate search, I was at a point to give up, but one night while I was reading an old magazine just to pass time, just by concidence I came on a small article about how shipping container based construction techniques has gained momentum around the world, and upon seeing those small pictures of a couple of homes that are made with shipping containers, I was just amazed at the idea how you can turn shipping containers into such beautiful homes to live in!
I was a newbie about shipping container construction, and I faced tons of problems that I could have never imagined and had to spend a huge time searching for answers to solve those problems.
Then we finally decided to do this as a business and set up our own container home construction business company.
We guarantee this package will save you a lot of time, a lot of headaches and a lot of money!
You will learn what difficulties may arise before they arise, and you will be prepared for every obstacle that may happen.
In this book, you will find amazing container home projects, among which you will definitely find incredible ideas that will make your new home a great place to live in. It is one of the best 3D modeling application available and will help you cut down on the guesswork. Preppers all over the United States have been purchasing shipping containers and transforming them into bunkers and safe rooms.
Just consider the sheer amount of weight from the dirt that is packed around the container on all sides. Shipping containers are very small and if you going to use it for even just one person, there will not be much space to move around.
This is going to really be tricky if you are stuck inside with potential attackers lurking right above you. It’s always best to have at least two exits so you can quickly escape if an intruder is coming in. Many shipping containers, especially those that are less expensive, could contain paint and chemical coatings that could make your family very sick. Make sure that the shipping container is sealed and that you are able to reinforce the walls. Forget about just digging a hole and dropping in your shipping container and covering it with dirt and flowers. If you want to build an underground bunker, it’s best to have professional builders design and create it.
The ample space inside would provide so much storage to accommodate a nice dining area plus other necessities in there.
These buildings are as unique as the people that build them, no two ever look the same, but cost savings and high strength is inherent in all shipping container structures. What is most exiting about the shipping container homes is that, with a little imagination, shipping containers can become cheap, reliable building blocks that can be used to build chic little getaway homes and castles of majesty alike!
Moreover what is most exiting about the shipping container homes is that, with a little imagination, you can build whatever you want, either a small rustic home or a large luxurious mansion!

Meanwhile I met really wonderful people (with whom we became a team later) to help me with the project.
You don't have to face the difficulties that I have faced when building my first container home years ago!
Not a small e-book written in big and bold type size with enormously wide margins in order just to make it look like a thick book and increase the page number! You will have hundreds of full color detailed photographs of each home, including both exterior and interior views, which will help you design your new home (or start your own business) with lots of interesting ideas. It will be helpful for those who has never built a container house before, and who is planning to do one especially at minimum cost.
If, after viewing the books, within your 45-day guarantee period, you are convinced the books won't be helpful for you.. All of this weight puts pressure on the container, much more than it was built to withstand. And if you plan on using it for an entire family, you will be crammed in with almost no space to move about. All that trash and waste is going to create horrible conditions for everyone in the bunker. If you are trying to stay safe by going into an underground shelter, don’t you want that shelter to make your family sick from toxic paint or other chemicals. Just like any other structure, you should have a building inspector check out the design to make sure it is up to code.
If designed properly, a container home is earthquake proof, tornado proof, fire proof, termite proof, flood resistant, "nature proof". And the best of all is that with a little bit of creativity the end result can be just amazing as if it is formed out of a complex acrhitecture design. But at last when we finished my project, and moved to our new home with my family, I was the happiest man in the world. And we saved not only time but a lot of money, that we could build a similar home with a budget 35% less! You don't have to spend a lot of money buying the wrong materials, or ruining everything and have to start all over again.You don't have to re-discover the building process! You will find what difficulties she faced and how she solved the problems, with step by step explanations.
You can design not only the interior, but also the exterior of your home, your garden, the swimming pool, etc.. Not to mention the time and money you will save, when you know every step in detail like an experienced builder. While it seems like an inexpensive option with maximum security benefits, it isn’t quite that simple. Most people may not realize that the walls of a shipping container are rather thin and are likely to buckle under the pressure of all of the dirt. Families that camp out in a tent will be the only ones who know how tight of a fit it would be for a group of people in a small space. How are you going to keep fresh air coming in to your family underground without giving away the location of your bunker to someone that is passing by? The cost of cleaning up the paint and chemicals may mean that you might not get the cost savings you were hoping by purchasing a shipping container instead of building a bunker from scratch. Soil and rainfall can vary greatly in different parts of the world and both can greatly affect how well your shelter will hold up. Also, if you are planning on having electricity or any other amenities in your shelter hire a professional to install them. And I could build my container home (fully furnished and completed) with such a small budget of only $14,000!
When you bury the shipping container, it could actually weaken its structure and compromise the safety of anyone that is inside. Spend some time researching the specifications of building an underground shelter and stick with recommendations from reliable sources. You need to reinforce the walls so the pressure from surrounding dirt won’t cave in your bunker. It may cost more initially, but it will make sure that your emergency bunker is safe and effective for you and your family.
You can make all types of houses with shipping containers: ranging from tiny houses to luxurious mansions! When you start building your own container home, you will see that this book worths hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

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