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This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. No other company offers a 100% delivery guarantee, or your money back on using their platform, but we do.
Our innovative platform offers you a free address in the US in less than 60 seconds, allowing you to shop just like you are resident.
Save up to 70% compared to using Fedex, DHL or UPS to deliver to you in Nigeria and up to 20% compared to using other Nigerian shippers through our volume discount. Before shopping, its important to know how much it will cost to have it delivered to your door. Majority of US online stores now accept  your Visa and MasterCard from most countries, and will even accept a PayPal account.
Still want to physically verify, our partner office is there for you to pay a visit to discuss one on one with a staff member. One clear advantage Shoptomydoor has over all other's is our extremely long free storage days.
We offer full door to door shipping to Nigeria in partnership with reliable carriers such as Red Star Express (Fedex in Nigeria). Our Air Freight to Nigeria service allows the delivery of any size of air cargo to Nigeria. Our package shipping to Nigeria covers air freight to Nigeria, is now our most popular service, serving over 46,000 customers who have so far shipped over 1,000,000 items via air cargo to Nigeria. Postcards, letters, large envelopes (flats) and small packages can be sent using our air freight to Nigeria service for less than $10 to most destinations and you get it there in as little as 6 business days. With weekly container shipping to Nigeria, we consolidate small packages, boxes, equipment and machines for hundreds of customers shipping to Nigeria. Shipping Nigeria Cars by Air?: Shipping cars to Nigeria by sea is not the only option we offer, our Auto Air Freight to Nigeria is designed for those who can not wait for the 3 to 4 weeks standard delivery speed of Ocean Freight to have their cars delivered.
When shipping personal goods in a container to Ecuador, it is important to carefully consider your choice of international container shipping companies. One key to choosing between container freight companies is the amount of customer service they offer.
There are dozens of international container shipping companies, but they are not all alike. When shipping a container to Ecuador or other foreign destination, it is also important to find out what kinds of services and connections a container freight company has in that country.

Remember, container freight shipping is not an overnight service, especially when you are shipping a container to Ecuador or other overseas destination.
If you keep these points in mind, you stand a very good chance of getting the professional service you need at the best possible price. Reefer ship - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, A reefer ship is a refrigerated cargo ship; a type of ship typically used to transport perishable commodities which require temperature-controlled transportation.
Use your Visa, MasterCard or PayPal to Shop on Amazon, Ebay and 100's of Auto Parts Sites in USA and ship to your assigned address.
Your free US address can save you up to 90% on shipping as it allows you to consolidate items from multiples stores into one and store for free for up to 21 days. Our automated online quote will allow you to see you shipping cost for most items bought from US online stores from your free US address to your door.
We also have partner locations in countries where we operate mainly Nigeria and Ghana for now. For 21 days, you are allowed to shop from as many US stores as you like, and we will combine all as one and ship to you.
What's more, we keep you updated at every stage of your cargo movement with regular email alerts.
This service covers all cities in Nigeria through established agents with the ability to move shipments from 1 pound to as much as 100,000 Kg via air freight to Nigeria, and with delivery in as little as 6 business days right to your door. While others charge as much as $50 for the same service, our huge weekly volume allows us to lower the cost of shipping to Nigeria for all our customers.
We have vast experience with shipping cars to Nigeria and can ship cars to Nigeria either containerized or by means of roll on, roll off service. This specially designed service is for the few select individuals who need their cars shipped from America in as little as 3 to 4 days. Our in house staff will prepare the shipping platform, and provides and secure your motor cycle to ensure safe delivery to Nigeria. A good company will make sure that your household goods arrive safely, while some others may not take as much care.
For example, a reputable company will help the customer choose the right container for their needs. One may offer a more attractive quote than another, but does the quote include insurance or is that something you need to handle yourself? When your household goods are travelling in a container to Ecuador, you need to know that they are in good hands both on the water and when they arrive on land.

Over the years, we have served major industries, and now have a weekly customer base to Nigeria of hundreds of shipment to Nigeria from companies and individuals who use our service.
Delivery time varies from 6 business days for shipping to Lagos and other major cities all over Nigeria. Our warehouse provides excellent opportunity for you to conveniently load all items into your container securely.
Please note that this is an expensive service, and recommended only for very expensive cars and for those who can afford the fast service. Designed for those who desire the best in Motor Cycles from the US, such as Harley Davidson bikes, we can also help with the procurement, shipping as well as clearing of motor bikes in Nigeria through our well established agents.
Those "extras" like insurance and other hidden costs can really add up, so it is important to find out the facts before you can make a truly informed decision. You need to be confident that your precious household and personal goods will be in good hands when they arrive at their destination. First, make sure they leave nothing out of their container shipping quotes and that they offer guarantees of their services. You don't want to be rushed into agreeing to going with an agent that promises a fast delivery time. What's more we offer you not just a free US address but also UK and China address as well. Shipping Cost to Nigeria is very reasonable, and the time to cargo to Nigeria is usually within 3 to 4 weeks.
Is the customer aware that it is nearly as expensive to ship 20 foot containers as it is to ship 40 ft containers?
This service is designed for equipment such as caterpillars, tractors, cranes, heavy trucks and other heavy duty construction equipment. However, the benefit of the smaller container is that it can be shipped door-to-door, while the larger one cannot.
Go further than that and check with a government or non-profit independent agency and see if there have been complaints filed against the company in the past.

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