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I know I am sorry that I am late with this but I have found a way to make my homemade earthbox cheaper and stronger than before (Six million dollar man theme song here). Make sure there are hole at both top and bottom of the PVC to allow air and water to access the area inside the PVC pipe. This issue has come up before and yes you can use the non metallic window screening or breathable landscape fabric both allow air and water to penetrate them.
Actually the paint pail had lot more half inch holes around the base tnen the Pipe does so it is practically the same thing. Difficult to say without more information I looked at your picture (that is a large fill tube you are using - but should not have any effect on the box). I am sorry that have not been able to get back to you sooner I have just been so busy with work and home that I have not much time to be inline.
I'm wondering if putting in a strip of cotton fabric which extends from the bottom of the pond basket to the fertilizer strip would wick the water more efficiently. I have replaced the paint pail with 4" PVC drian pipe (the one with the holes alredy drilles into it.
The ceneter support just sits under the screen it it not attached although you can attach it if you want to.
However if you do not have any large holes or voids between the aeration screen (soil support) and the tub wall it is not needed. The Earthbox uses a support grid to hold up its screen and its wicking chambers do not have a bottom either.
The only thing I can see wrong with the picture is that the containers look like they do not have enough potting mix in them.

We just made some earthboxes following your single-tub design with the only difference being that we used a pond basket as the one wicking chamber in the center (like your dual-tub), pvc supports in the corners.
I am currently working on complete instructions for building several types of self watering containers.
It is just a box made from 2 of the support grid pieces that cross each other and the corner of the tub make up the other two walls of the wicking chamber. About the size of the fill pipe A‚ I made mine larger because I fill my Earthbox with a water can and frequently the spout slips off the edge of that fill tube and if I try to fill it very quickly the stream of water gushes over the pipe edge. We put in mostly 60% peat, 30 vermiculite and 10 perlite (with a small amount of compost from some old square foot garden mix).
One pipe makes 18 supports for 4 and a half tubs or 2 tubs with 5 supports see pictures below.
What I had someone do once was to water from the top until the water came out of the overflow hole (make sure you fill the water reservoir first) to start the wicking process because he loaded the tub with dry soil.
Another advantage of using the PVC is that if you have not drilled your overflow hole yet you can change the height of the screen to increase the amout of the water the resovoir will hold by making the PVC pipe supports longer. My problem may be the mushroom compost but that stuff worked fine when I started my Earthbox 4 years ago. We watered the plants from the top when they were put in (the past weekend) so they are doing ok for now, but the fertilizer strip has NO moisture. I had the instructions posted on here but they were removed because they were over 10 pages back. Other possible problems are you need to use potting mix not potting soil (you said that your friend used potting soil).

I live in Southwest Missouri and not sure if heat is a problem but my Earthbox A‚ which is the only thing I have to use for a comparison, and itA‚s black A‚ is doing great. Did you wet the mix well when you filled the pond basket and the tub to start the wicking process?
I am a firm believer of using recycled and recyclable products so that may be a good reason to stay away from PVC. Right now it is dry but there appears to be a little bit of mold growing over the fertilizer strip. Potting mix has no actual soil in it and is what wicks the water to the roots of the plant.
When preparing the containers for the season I did carefully make sure the paint buckets were packed well with the mushroom compost. I empties them to see how the paint pail held up most were fine but some cracked a caved in a little. Bear in mind the soil was soaked from the rain so that may have had something to do with it The PVC drain pipe is much stronger and cheaper than the paint pails so it was an easy decision to make to replace the paint pails with the PVC pipe. We had a guy last year that was having problems and it turns out that his boxes were getting too hot.
I would replant one of the containers with potting mix to see if your mushroom compost is the problem.

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