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I purchase this Vinyl sheeting because it is 4 mil thick and as close to clear glass as I have ever found. Absoutely, it provides a clear view and does not distort the view, it was the reason I used it, as opposed to traditional plastic sheeting wihich is hazy and cloudy.
I need a box 8" or less in height to fit into my shelving with one of these stacked on top of it. I used this on a greenhouse and it has stood up to a few snows so far this year with no trouble. 10-compartment professional deep organizer - home depot, The stanley 10-compartment professional deep organizer constructed unbreakable polyester long-lasting . You can stack several boxes on top of each other, freeing up valuable floor and desk space.
It is one of the really great features that is designed into the HD site.Hope that this helps!

Our products have not been specifically tested for various weight potential, and we suggest consumers use good judgment and not overload them or stack more than three high.
Storage Box in Blue and Clear Plastic 1 answer Is there a shorter version of this box that will stack? Storage Box in White and Clear Plastic 2 answers Will a toddler change of clothes fit in this container?
I was worried about snow piling on it, but if you install vertically it should hold up fine. Clear Plastic Window Installation Kit is ideal for making moisture-proof indoor storm windows and doors.
Crystal Clear Plastic Vinyl Sheeting 4 answers I live up in Maine and it gets quite cold -5 degrees. Clear 6 mil Plastic Sheeting 2 answers Is this good plastic to make a slip and slide out of?

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Also, if stacking products, we recommend filling them to capacity so the bottom lid has support for the weight placed above it. This heavy-duty plastic can be used to cover crawl spaces and as a temporary cover for equipment and supplies. Commonly used under concrete slabs as a vapor barrier and on top of freshly poured slabs as a curing blanket. I sandwiched the plastic between two wooden strips and screwed those together to form a tight seal all along the length of the plastic, that way it wont rip as easily.

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