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The containers are basically a steel framework with steel cladding; in all cases the floors are either hardwood timber planked or plywood sheeted.
The tare weights of containers vary, therefore no absolute figure is quoted for payload, but it should be mentioned that the containers fleet of 20' General Purpose containers have a maximum gross weight of between 22,860 and 30,480kgs.
While you dona€™t want to live in a house that forces you to crouch down or crawl while youa€™re inside it, you dona€™t necessarily need a home the size of Jupiter, either. Sea container dimensions for those 40 feet long include standard and high cube (HC) options, both of which are 8 feet wide.
Containers that measure 45, 48 and 53 feet long are available in HC varieties, which is 1 foot higher than the standard cube. To get a good feel of the size and number of containers youa€™d need to create your ideal space, you can compare the standard shipping container dimensions with the average dimensions of some the most common room types.Remember that the size of a room needs to accommodate the rooma€™s functions as well as the furniture and other items that plan to fit into it.
A few other considerations can come into play when youa€™re examining the standard shipping container dimensions and planning your container home.
If you want the standard 8-foot ceiling height, youa€™re going to want a high cube container.
The same way HVAC and electrical accoutrements may eat up some ceiling space, your interior shipping container standard dimensions may lose some space due to insulation, wiring and other items you need to install in the walls.
Even though the containers may come as a fully enclosed unit, you certainly dona€™t need to keep them that way.

Placing two containers side-by-side automatically doubles your space, but you dona€™t have to stick with a boxy, symmetrical look. Not all shipping containers are fit for use with ship container homes but we're including dimensional information on these types as well. The 20 Foot Shipping Container Oct 06, 15 03:41 PMThe 20 foot shipping container is not only a basic unit of shipping measure, but also an integral building block for container homes.
Container Housing Companies Oct 06, 15 03:38 PMInterested in buying or building a shipping container house? Shipping Container Books Sep 06, 15 09:32 AMShipping Container Books and related materials.
Our page on shipping container sizes outlines the length, height and width of various containers, while this page features an extensive list of storage container dimensions along with a detailed rundown on the capacity of the most common sizes. The interior height of high cube containers is 8 feet 10 inches, giving you a full 10 inches of space for your HVAC, wiring and other connections you need to install above the finished ceiling. Even if the loss is minimal, and even though the dimensions of shipping containers are sizable, any loss of space can impact the overall feel of your container house interior. You can install plenty of windows, skylights, large, rolling doors or even leave an open space for al fresco dining or entertainment. Container homes have been created with top floors that jut out above bottom floors, creating a shady overhang.You can also play around with different heights by stacking containers on top of each other.

While these cargo container types are typically not used in shipping container home construction, a creative designer might have use for them when designing a modern container home. Learn about container housing companies and how they can simplify and streamline the process. However very careful consideration must be given to the maximum weight limits acceptable in the country of origin and destination.
When talking about sea container dimensions, wea€™re talking about the dimensions that make up the shipping container frame.
The standard shipping container dimensions are 7 feet 10 inches high in the interior, which would leave you with 7-foot ceilings after you installed your connections.
Even if you start with a container or two as the base of your home, youa€™re also free to build on using traditional building techniques combined with a solid foundation of shipping containers. Besides, you can design an abode that is inspiring, eco-friendly and roomy enough for all your needs out of a shipping container or two.You may want to opt for three, four or even more shipping containers to develop the home you crave. But standard shipping container dimensions are fairly sizable, especially when it comes to their capacity.

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