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After all these factors are addressed, both landlords and tenants often overlook the issue of grain storage, and tack on grain bin rental as an afterthought. Grain bin rental may either be a part of the farm lease or separate, and may even be leased to a different individual than the one renting the land.
Commercial grain storage rates generally run from 2-3cents per bushel per month, not including handling and managing fees, and bearing risk for storage losses. After these aspects are addressed, there are other things to consider, such as determining who is responsible for checking the condition of the grain being stored. Finally, the date and manner of payment for grain storage should be specified when negotiating the rental agreement. UFARM offers a full range of Nebraska land management services, including real estate sales, rural property appraisals, consultations and crop insurance. First, both parties must agree on which type of lease to use, whether that is a cash rental agreement, a flexible lease agreement, or some other arrangement.

Ita€™s important to remember to address this issue clearly up front, especially during bumper crop years, when grain storage needs suddenly loom large. Since farm storage excludes those services, rates are generally lower, and may become a far more attractive option for growers during times of extra grain storage needs. Generally, the lease is written on a cash rent basis for a specific time frame on a per bushel basis. Usually, it is the renter who carries out this task, but it is best decided when negotiating the lease.
Ita€™s also a good idea to agree on a date by which the grain is to be removed from the structure. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact a UFARM representativea€”we are happy to answer your questions. Then, other considerations come into play: farmland location, soil quality, land values, crop yields, personal goals, and the relationship between owner and tenant all factor into negotiating a successful leasing arrangement.

The immediate need to address a shortage of storage can be stressful; it is beneficial for all parties to have a clear arrangement set ahead of time in order to avoid confusion. Careful evaluation of the soundness of the storage structure should take place before it is filled, should any repairs or modifications be needed. When arranging grain bin rental leasing agreements, it is important to address insurance and utility responsibilities as well.

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