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The Libbey Set of 4 Storage Bowls with Lids consists of four clear glass bowls, each of sixteen ounce capacity, with fitted clear plastic lids that are airtight. Libbey is an American brand that dates back to 1888, and this set of containers are made in the USA.
The Libbey 16-Ounce Handled Storage Containers with Plastic Lids set, consists of four glass bowls and four plastic lids with handles (eight pieces altogether).
The bowls have a capacity of sixteen ounces and the transparent glass makes it easy to view the contents stored inside. These bowls are great for storing leftovers that you will be eating within a day or two (so they can go in the fridge rather than the freezer). The Libbey Vibe set of 42 Ounce Glass Storage Jars, consists of four tempered glass storage jars, each with a fitted glass lid that has plastic fitments to help it seal tight. Each jar has capacity of 42 ounces, and they are essentially pantry jars – they can be used to store dry foods such as rice, cereal, pasta, coffee grounds, tea, candy, lentils, beans and other dry goods. The jars have a sloping shape, which means that you can’t really stack them (this is their only drawback). The Libbey Glass Baby Food Bowl Set consists of eight 6.5 ounce glass bowls and eight BPA free plastic lids (sixteen pieces in all).
In conclusion glass storage containers are highly recommended for those who look for no health risk.
Considering the advantages that include the nice look, safety, and quality, I think buying glass containers is really worth the money.

Pantries usually suffer when it comes to order and tidiness because, well, they get used a lot. While your food is out of the pantry (for your thorough cleaning), go through what you have and look for expired items. Foods that your family uses the most should be given space that is front and center and easy to reach.
Put all the cereal together, canned soups in the same spot, and fruit snacks next to one another.
If you have items that are difficult to stack or display, place them in clear plastic containers to keep them together and organized.
You can use them to store tomato based sauces, and fruit preserves, as they won’t get stained by the fruit acids, or use them to store candies, nuts and cookies as well as fresh or dried herbs, relish, jams, jellies and preserves.
Because the lid is air tight, moisture won’t get in, and you can store items such as sugar and salt in them.
However, the modern design means that the jars are attractive enough to be left on display on your kitchen shelf or cabinet, or in your dining room.
They are ideal for storing baby foods like purees because of their small size, (note that you should be able to sterilize these bowls in hot water as they can cope with highish temperatures). As long as you do not use plastic containers to reheat foods, there is nothing wrong with plastic containers. Make sure when you shop for glass storage containers, you choose the sizes based on your food storage needs.

But still, make sure you use only glass containers that will not absorb stains or odors of the foods. The bowls can go in the microwave, fridge and dishwasher (note that these containers do not go in the freezer). If you want a more versatile storage container set, you might be better off with Pyrex, Anchor Hocking, Bormioli Rocco or Luminarc (click here for details).
Of course you can use them to store other foods such as pickles, condiments, sauces and even small individual puddings.
Well, actually, each container whether it is glass or plastic has its own strengths and benefits.
Plus, it gives you a clean canvas to work with and a chance to reorganize in a way that maybe hasn’t worked for you in the past. But plastic lids are also fine as long as you remove the lids when you want to reheat the foods.
Don’t waste valuable space in your pantry with items that you know you will never get around to consuming.

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