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The Japan 24 Hour documentation fee and the security levy will increase from April 15th 2016. The problem with hinged patio doors, as you pointed out, is that they need to open in and will take up valuable space. It’s not just the unseasonably cold weather here, but also what seems to be a never ending rain. Having lived in Japan where space is premium, and all spaces multifunction, I love studying the tiny house plans. In your plan there is an piece of furniture I was unclear of it’s purpose near the door across from the easy chair. I have actually found some of those futons for sale in the US, but the prices are very high. Hey i love this design and wanted to know what program you used to make it and how to use it. Google SketchUp is what I have used for all of my designs, and the best thing about it is that it’s free.

If I was going to design a 40′ version of this cabin, I would only do it if I could find a double door container. If I was using a 40′ container, I would probably just stretch everything that I already have in the design to make it more livable.
For myself, if I was a young single college student again, the 20′ tiny container cabin would work just fine. Some questions though: what kind of tools did you use to cut the hole in the roof for the woodstove chimney on your larger design? Have you had any problems with water seepage from exposed portions of the floor into the interior when it rains hard? I’ve started to work on a cost for the tiny container cabin in this post, and my initial estimate is about $7,000 with a kitchen but no furnishings. Love what you are doing and especially the fact that you are sharing your labor of love with all ot those who see the real value in what you are doing.
I have wanted to do this very thing once we bought a 40′ container that serves as a tack and feed room at the farm.

Beside that would you do a design in a all package in a 40′ to 45′ container because i love how you utilized every inch in the container and would like to see your input in a wide space and more flexablity of being a permant home to a college student without worrying about staying in those exspenive dorms! I definitely get that when the rain comes down sideways, though closing the metal doors on the side of the approaching storm solves that problem.
On this small one the one thing that may be missing or if this was already mentioned, is a second door.
1475, from 1 July 2016 a packed container should not be loaded onto a ship unless the master or his representative and the terminal representative have obtained, in advance of vessel loading, the verified gross mass (VGM) of the container. Mine has steel doors at both ends, framed out with sliding patio doors from Pella so I can regulate airflow by opening and closing the doors. It is not going to stop someone who really wants in but they do have to put a greater effort to do so.

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