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When Playstation 3 players boot up CCP’s DUST 514 they're teleported into a dull metal cabin: a place with all the charm of the inside of a cargo container. Today sees Dust 514, the free-to-play shooter for the Playstation 3 that takes place on the same servers as Eve, enter open beta. The developer is very much trying to ease the two games together gently, if you picture Eve and Dust as the two circles of a venn diagram, the overlap between them is a tiny sliver of the whole. Though even these orbital strikes are tightly regulated, an Eve player currently “can’t bombard a planet,” Eve’s lead designer Kristofter Touborg tells me. That concept of ‘as development goes along’ is something which kept coming up in my discussions. I get the sense that “just another shooter” is something that’s been said a number of times in feedback to CCP. From a Dust player’s perspective, sat on a Playstation 3 (Dust remains a Playstation exclusive game, but we’re convinced it will appear on the PC) without the window into the Eve galaxy CCP provided. How do you convey to the wealth of new Playstation players that some of the most influential Eve players rarely actually play Eve? Part of what’s obscuring this universe’s depth is that it’s currently kept artificially shallow. If Eve players, with all their stored cash, were able to loan money to Dust players from the off we’d likely see a huge rise in inflation as the Dust players used their loans to buy the best kit, willing to pay any price for it. The next phase, which may not arrive for months, possibly even more than a year or closer to two, is the most exciting: “The future vision is that there will be not only ISK movements between the worlds but also resource and material movements,” says Gudmundsson. But eventually that gunmetal, windowless cabin we started with will become its own hub connected to a vibrantly connected universe. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

But speaking to CCP last week at their headquarters in Reykjavik, Iceland, I learned something of what it will take to knock those walls down. Yes, the squad leader called in support via chat, a human interaction: but everything after could have happened in any game with a super weapon. Often the depth happens [outside the game] rather than something that’s on the screen.” Meaning that the game itself is simply a window onto a sandbox of integrated systems, a cohesive society and a real economy. That, besides that occasional orbital laser, there’s a whole universe playing out above their heads in every battle, a universe of soldiers, spies, traders, and explorers? At launch, the real economy at the centre of Eve Online (and the source of most of its most famous stories), won't be present in Dust. Think about it, ore mined in Eve is sold on the market to another player who refines it and sells it to a manufacturer, who makes it into a dropsuit attachment, which is then bought by a Dust player and then worn into battle, possibly even in a contract that pits him against that original miner’s corporation.
Lying under the surface of the vidiscreens that line its walls will be a world of hundreds of thousands of players, an industry poised to fuel an endless interplanetary war between alliances of corporations teeming with soldiers, miners, merchants, diplomats, and spies. Even after ten years of steady growth, Eve has never seen more than half a million registered accounts. So you have to have someone who sends the coordinates from the planet and then you can do it. They see nothing of the ship that fires the beam or how they came into orbit above the planet. It instead has its own economy modelled on Eve, but with NPC traders replacing the famously devious players of Tranquility. Eve corporations will be able to employ Dust mercenary groups to attack specific planets, paying them for the job.
It opens the possibility for Dust players to become traders, buying and selling on the market to make their ISK, not needing to take out contracts and risk their equipment fighting for some faceless space corp.

You can see why CCP may be keen to limit the damage they could to the summation of ten year’s work.
At least on this first phase, there will be a lot more of that as [development] goes along”.
We’re taking that model and we’re putting it onto a console game - that’s never been done before - and connecting it to a PC world - that’s never been done before - and we’re going to continue to iterate on that.
Rated on its current state, and to be absolutely clear, its release state, Dust is a little dull. Those funds that come in will be taxed, limiting the flow of money into the market and so limiting the risk of destabilising it, but it will also be the first time the two economies will be linked.
They showed the process of calling in an orbital strike: the Dust squad leader sent a message through the Eve chat client to the Eve player, he then undocked from the station he was holed up in, warped to the planet, flew into orbit. It is meant to stop money leaving Iceland because there is too much money here, there is too much demand for foreign currency. I didn’t get to see the PvE mode, where you team up with many other mercs and shoot at robots, but that won’t raise the game up into something remarkably different. This opened up the option for the Dust player to target the strikes that Touborg was talking about.
So we have currency control to try and stop that flow in order to avoid a huge crash of the local currency. This is a non-ideal situation in any economy because it limits the free movement of capital between countries and so on, and all economists will say this needs to go away as soon as possible.

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